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Q: What is the difference between priests and deacons?
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Related questions

What is the difference between the permanent and a married diaconate?

There is no difference. All married deacons - unless they, converts to Catholicism with permission from the Vatican, are transitional deacons soon to be ordained priests - are permanent deacons, and are thus part of the permanent diaconate. The permanent diaconate is not limited to married people.

What is the difference between a Bishop and a Priest?

Parishes are joined together to make dioces or 'sees' presided over by a bishop. A bishop is a higher order of priest who will have several priests under him. A Bishop also has the authority to Ordain men to the Diaconate, Deacons to the Priesthood, and Priests to the Episcopate. Where as Priests cannot Ordain at all.

Who is governed by a bishop?

priests and deacons

What was a protestant priests life like before the Reformation?

Before the Reformation, there were two Christian religions-the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox. Both had priests as well as bishops and deacons. There was no such thing as Protestant priests before the Reformation. After the Lutheran Church was founded, the word priest was dropped and today in the Lutheran church, they ordain deacons, pastors or elders and in some Lutheran sects, bishops. The Anglican Church after the Reformation, was and is considered a "bridge" between the Roman Catholics and the Calvinists and Lutherans. They ordain deacons, priests and bishops like in the Catholic and Orthodox faiths. The primary difference at the time the Church of England was founded in the 16th century, was the Mass would be spoken in English not Latin.

What are Examples of Holy Orders in the Bible?

Holy Orders refers to the Bishops, Priests and Deacons. These are mentioned many times in the letters. The Acts of the Apostles mentions the deacons. St. Paul mentioned bishops, priest and deacons (he refers to priests as presbyters in most translations).

How long can you become a priest after being a deacon?

In most Churches that have the threefold order (deacons, priests and bishops), like the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Churches, most deacons are ordained priests after one year being a deacon. However, some elect to remain as permanent deacons as this is where they believe their calling lies. Also, in the Roman Catholic Church married men are allowed to become deacons but are not, as yet, allowed to become priests (although some Catholic priests are now married - such as married Anglican priests who have moved to the Roman Catholic Church)> therefore, for married men the diaconate is the only order open to them and they remain deacons permanently.

What is the sacrament that deacons priests and bishops receive?

Holy Orders

What is the sacrament that deacons and priests and bishops receive?

Holy Orders

What is the difference between the Aztecs and the Mayan priests?

The Maya priests is more educated then the Aztec priests.

Can gay people serve as deacons in the catholic church?

Yes, they can serve as deacons if not married and they need to take a vow of celibacy, just like priests

Can a church have a choir president and choir director and what would be the difference between them?

The difference would be decided by the church's administration; Canons, Deacons, etc.

What is the difference between catholic priests and episcopal priests?

The highest clergy in the Episcopalian church are the archbishops. Episcopalian priests do not answer to the Roman Catholic papacy.

Men who dedicated their lives to the Church?

Deacons, priests, bishops, monks, friars, brothers.

What do you call the ordered grades of ordained persons in the catholic church?

Deacons, priests, and bishops.

What is a narrow strip of cloth worn by like a scarf bishops priests or deacons?


Do Catholic priests wear wedding rings?

No, priests don't marry. Only permanent deacons are married. Bishops have rings but the rings aren't wedding rings. See discussion...

What is a cassock?

a cassock is a gown worn by priests, deacons and often by the choir during church services.

Who made up the First estate in pre-revolutionary France?

The Clergy (Bishops, priests and deacons)

What religious denominations has a deacon?

Well, I know that the Catholic church has deacons (lower than priests in the Catholic hierarchy), and I believe the Church of England (Anglicans) and Eastern Orthodox have deacons as well.

Are there deacons in a catholic church?

yes, permanent deacons are ordained as the first order in the sacrament of Holy Orders. They can be married if married before ordination. Unlike other Christian religions, deacons are members of the clergy. Priests,who receive the 2nd Holy Order, were also ordained first as transitional deacons for a brief period.

Who makes up the ordained members of the Church?

Bishops, priests and deacons are the ordained clergy of the Catholic Church.

What is the Catholic clergy?

Priests, Deacons, Bishops, Cardinals, Monsignor's, the Pope, are all members of the Catholic clergy.

Are bishops part of the eastern orthodox church?

Yes, the Eastern Orthodox Church has deacons, priests and bishops.

Who is allowed to adminiser the catholic sacrament of matrimony?

Bishops, priests, and deacons in good standing with the Cathoiic Church

Name of scarf worn by priests?

It is called a stole and is worn by deacons, priests, and bishops alike. However, the way they wear it is different. Priests and deacons wear it in the same way - in the "scarf-like" fashion you mentioned. Conversely, deacons wear it as a sash, going around their left shoulder, chest, and back. It signifies authority in the Church, as priests, deacons, and bishops guide and teach us about Christ and the Church. "[...]the stole is only used, and must be used, at a function peculiar to the deacon, priest, and bishop, a function that presupposes the order (e.g., at the celebration of Mass, when the Blessed Sacrament is touched, when the sacraments are administered), but not for example, in processions or at Vespers" (link added). However, a bishop may wear a stole during Vespers. He is an exception.