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A project manager oversees one particular project where a manager deals in general projects

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Q: What is the difference between project manager and ordinary manager?
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What is the difference between project manager and assistant project manager?

The difference is the assistant project manager has to confer with the project manager on major decisions.

What is the difference between Project manager and Delivery manager?

Explain the difference between "Project Management" and "Delivery Management."

Is there a difference between a general contractor and a project manager?

There's no resemblance whatsoever between the general contractor and the Project Manager in job functions.

What is the difference between a project manager and a public manager?

a project manager is the leader in a normal project. (groops ofthen of 5 and bigger) a public manager is a emplee that leads the organisation and manage that... so a project manager is for projects managment, public is outside the project drifting the rest

Explain the difference between a project and a program?

The program is a set of projects, and is run by the Program Manager, who is usually higher than the Project Manager.

What is differ program manager and program manager?

I guess you are asking about the difference between a Project Manager & a Program Manager. A Project Manager manages the project while a Program Manager manages the program. A program may be a collection of one or more projects

What is the difference between project manager and project director?

A project manager handles more of the day to day operations of a job than a project director. The director is in charge of the big picture in getting a project finished.

Difference between project manager and IT consultant?

An IT Consultant is a specialist who you bring into a project for his technical expertise usually as a programmer or a technical architect. Whereas, a Project Manager is the person who plans, supervises and manages the whole project work.

Difference between a consultant vs project manager?

A project manager consultant has essentially the same functions of a Project Manager, except that he's not a permanent employee in the company.PM consultants usually avoid politics in the company, and are focused on delivering value.

What is the difference between project manager and construction manager?

Project manager oversee everything from material provisions sometimes even handling permits... down to finishing sometimes to the soft opening. Construction manager cares only building the establishment based on the blue print and schedules. Project manager is a planner... construction manager is more the doer.

What is the difference between project manager and line manager?

A Project Manager manages the work taken up by a single project whereas the Line Manager will be managing the work taken up by a line of projects. Usually projects in organizations are aligned based on the line of business, catered to, by the project. Hence, they will have a Line Manager who manages all those projects The Line manager will interact/liase with the Project Managers who manage the projects that fall in his line.

What are the advantages of the architect over the project manager in project management?

This question requires an elaborate answer, here's an excellent article on the differences (and the advantages) between the project architect and the project manager: