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a quantum computer uses molecules to do its calculations.

super computers are just computers with massive resources available to them,

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What is the difference between a photon and a quantum?

Any, a photon is a quantum.

What is the difference between Physics and Quantum Physics?

Nothing. Quantum is a branch of physics

What is the purpose of the quantum computer?

The Quantum computer is used for Quantum mechanics. A regular computer or laptop has restrictions due to physics but a Quantum computer performs faster with being able to be in more states at once.

What is the difference between quantum gravity and string theory?


What is the Difference between a quantum and a photon?

Here it is in oversimplified terms: A quantum is a unit in which waves are absorbed or emitted A photon is a quantum of electromagnetic energy- or the basic unit of light.

Is optic computer and quantum computer the same?

HECK NO! An optics computer is a computer running on light, but a quantum computer is a computer where most components are at a quantum-Hall state of matter (hey did you know that there are more than 15 states of matter). In other words, optic computer=light, quantum computer=weird.

What is the difference between quantum physics and metaphysics?

Metaphysics is more of a philosophical theory rather than a mathematical one like quantum physics.

What is the difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics?

classical mechanics deals with very large particles but in quantum mechanics very minute particles.

Difference between quantum mechanics and quantum theory?

There is no real difference behind the terms quantum mechanics and quantum physics and quantum theory. If one wants to make a linguistic distinction, you can. Quantum theory is the more encompassing term including any theoretical explanations of quantum phenomena and and generalization. Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics refers more to the physical laws which govern the quantum world of all quantum phenomena, and even applied to that world before we had developed the quantum theory with all the mathematics and equations to describe the quantum world. It parallels the meaning of the term Classical Physics.

What company was once known as Quantum Computer Services Inc?

IBM was known as Quantum Computer Services, Inc.

How can you tell the difference between 1s subshell and 3s subshell?

You can tell the difference between 1s subshell and 3s subshell using quantum numbers and electron configuration.

What is the difference between quantum mechanics and quantum physics?

Quantum Mechanics is a branch of physics describing the behavior of energy and matter at the atomic and subatomic scales. It explains it itself and Quantum Physics is the same deal. They're just two different ways in saying it.

What type of device is a quantum computer?

A quantum computer uses quantum-mechanical phenomena to manipulate data. Still in its infancy, quantum computing is the subject of much research activity funded by both military and civilian organizations.

What is the Kuzyk quantum gap?

The difference between the hyperpolarizability of the best molecules ever measured and the fundamental limit.

What is difference between red herring prospectus and shelf prospectus?

In red herring the price and the quantum of securities will not be there

What happens to the energy difference between adjacent energy levels in atoms with increasing quantum number?


What is the difference between the 2px orbital and the 2py orbital?

The px orbital has a magnetic quantum number value of -1, and the py orbital has a magnetic quantum number value of 0.

Latest seminar topics on computer science engineering?

Quantum Network , Quantum logic gate , Quantum Internet

What has the author Siegmund Brandt written?

Siegmund Brandt has written: 'Quantum mechanics on the Macintosh' -- subject(s): Computer graphics, Computer programs, Computer-assisted instruction, Data processing, Interactive computer systems, Interquanta, Macintosh (Computer), Programming, Quantum theory 'Interactive Quantum Mechanics' -- subject(s): Quantum theory, Java (Computer program language), Computer graphics, Computer programs, Interactive computer systems, Computer-assisted instruction 'Data analysis' -- subject(s): Probabilities, Mathematical statistics

Why the xor gate is the most impurtant in quantum computer?

The most important gate is probably the CNOT gate, because combined with qubit superpositions and measurements, it forms the basis of a universal quantum computer. A quantum computer uses CNOT gates instead of conventional logic gates (such as NAND) because quantum mechanics requires that quantum computations be reversible.

What is the difference between ultraviolet and infrared lights?

Wavelength, frequency, and energy carried by each photon (light quantum).

What is the difference between the previous models of the atom and the quantum mechanical model?

Previous models were physical models based on the motion of large object. The quantum mechhanical model is a matical model.

Calculations in quantum computer are done through which bits?

Calculations in quantum computers are done in qbits.

How quantum computers work?

Growth in computer technology, starting from valve computers till quantum computers

Difference between an orbit and an orbital?

Orbit is a concept from celestial mechanics and astronomy.Orbital is a concept from quantum mechanics, spectrometry, and chemistry.