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What is the difference between reserve and fund?

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What is difference between fund and reserve?

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Difference between capital redemption reserve and debenture redemption reserve?

The Capital Redemption Reserve is a fund that secures a creditor. Debenture Redemption Reserve is for the purpose of security payments only.

What was the Reserve Fund?

The Reserve Fund was the first money market mutual fund

When was the Reserve Fund created?

The Reserve Fund was created in 1971

Was the Reserve Fund the first money market mutual fund?

The Reserve Fund was the first money market mutual fund

What is the difference between person fund vs account fund?

The difference between person fund and account fund is that a person fund is transferred to the recipient in person, while the account fund is transferred to the account of the recipient.

Difference between provision for reserve fund and reserve fund?

Provisions are those where the liability existence is certain, but the amount of liability cannot be determined with substantial accuracy. In case of reserves, the liability is not known. but some amount of profits are kept aside for meeting the contingencies that might become actual liabilities.

What is the difference between capital reserve and reserve capital?

Capital reserve is a reserve created to deal with general, unspecified contingencies such as inflation. It is a fund set aside for the specific purpose and can not be distributed for other uses. Normally it is legally not distributable as dividends to shareholdersReserve Capital is the part of the Authorised capital which is not yet called up

The difference between primary and secondary reserves?

what are the diffrence between primary reserve and secondary reserve?

What is the difference between capital reserve and revenue reserve?

capital reserve : reserve created from sale of capital assets. Revenue reserve : Reserve created from trading operations.

What is the difference between fund based and non fund bases financing?

what is diffrence beteen fund base and non fund base facility

Difference between rbi and commercial banks?

difference between commercial bank and reserve bank of india

Difference between capital reserve and reserve capital?

Capital reserve is capital set aside for specific future purpose such as building a new facility in the near future. It would be like you saving to buy a new a car. Reserve capital is money set aside for unforeseen issues. It's like a saving account or emergency fund that has no specific earmark.

What is the difference between provident fund and pension fund?

The difference between a pension fund and provident fund is in how the benefits are paid out. A provident fund pays all he retirement benefits in a lump sum cash benefit at retirement. A pension fund pays one third of the benefit as a lump sum at retirement and the rest is paid out over the lifetime of the beneficiary.

What is the Difference between the future value of annuity and sinking fund?

future value of an annuity is a reciprocal of a sinking fund

What is the difference between to book and to reserve?

differentiate between reference materials and reserved books

What is another word for fund?

Another word for the verb "fund" is "finance." Another word for the noun "fund" is "treasury" or "reserve."

Difference between general and specific reserves?

Both general and specific reserves are created out of profit earned in the normal course of business. Yet the following differences are observed between general and specific reserve.General Reserve:.1.General reserve is crated not for a specific purpose. It is created to strengthen the financial position of the business2.It can be utilized for any purpose.3.Dividend can be paid out of it if needed.Specific Reserve:1.It is created for some specific purpose. For example, debenture sinking fund is created for the purpose of repaying loan on account of debenture.2.It can be utilized only for the purpose for which it has been created. It cannot be utilized for other purposes.3.Dividend cannot be paid out of it. But on fulfillment of the objective for which a fund has been created the fund will no longer be required, when dividend may be paid out of it.For example, on repayment of loan on account of debenture the debenture sinking fund is not required. Then it is transferred to general reserve fund. In other words the fund money is distributable as dividend.

What is the Difference between internal service fund and enterprise fund?

Enterprise fund is a fee for service. Internal service fund is services from one department to another on a cost reimbursement basis.

Difference between retail fund and wholesale fund?

Retail are sales direct to the consumer and wholesale is when you sell to a distributor who then resells.

What is total capital?

Share capital plus reserve fund or equivalent to Total Shareholders fund

What is the difference between revaluation Surplus and revaluation Reserve?

Fundamentally, a revaluation surplus and a revaluation reserve is the same. A revaluation reserve is a revaluation surplus obtained from evaluation.

What is the difference between employer's provident fund and employees provident fund?

There is no such thing as an Employers provident Fund. There is only Employees provident fund and it is provided to help employees accumulate a retirement corpus

Difference between eqity fund and mutual fund?

Equity is the owners fund and mutual fund is pool money from the investor and invest in securities market. mutual fund has low risk an depends upon market condition.

What is the difference between source of funds and sources of funds?

sources of fund means from where the capital we are getting & source of fund means how we can get the capital.