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Scandisk is a diagnostic program which checks for incomplete files. It is usually run after a power interruption. Defrag is a program than reshuffles the data on the disc to collect together the fragments of files into larger chunks. This minimises the amount of time taken to read the files in the future.

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What are the various commands in DOS that can be used for PC maintenance?

dfrag - De-fragmentationchkdsk - Check Diskscandisk - Disk Scan Utilityregedit - Registry Editorformat - Formattingfdisk - Partitioningrecover - File Recovery

What is the difference between Scan disk memory cards and the others?

Sandisk memory cards are functionally equivalent to all other similiar memory cards, it just is branded.

What is the function of scan disk?

functions of a hard disk

What the difference between Scan and skim?

the difference is that scan is when your scanning some or something and skim is a thin layer of a substance on the surface of a liquid

What's the difference between CT scan?

Why does CT require a prep, and CAT scan does not.?Answer this question...

What will hold more pictures a 1 gb scan disk or a 16 megabyte scan disk?

depends on the size of the photos

What is the difference between seed fill and scan fill?


What is the difference between a ct head scan and a ct sinus scan?

A head scan looks primarily at the brain and a sinus scan looks only at the sinuses in the face region.

What is the difference between a scan preview and a scan?

The preview holds less detail than the the real scan, but allows you to see the arrangement, before committing to scan the document to a file.

Your hard disk is not working it has errors in it how to take out errors from the hard disk?

try to scan your disk for errors

What tool can used to verify a hard disk on Windows XP?

scan disk>??

What Command in disk management consoles updates the information displayed in the Disk Management console but does not scan for new disk hardware?


Which system tool allows you to manage the available space on your hard disk to improve efficiency?


What is the difference between a copy and a scan?

Scan results in an image of your document being sent to your computer whereas copy puts an image of your original on paper.

Is there a difference between Ct and CAT scans?

No, there isn't a difference between CT and CAT scans. CT scan was the original name of the CAT scan. CT stood for Computed Tomography, and the name was made more accurate by adding the 'A', so CAT stood for 'Computed Axial Tomography'. CAT scan is just a more specific and accurate name for CT scan.

What is the difference between a body cat scan and a general cat scan?

Both may be used as lay terms for a total body scan. These terms are not specific enough to be used in radiologic practice.

How do I unlock a locked scan disk on my camera?

Click 'Format Card'

How do I maintain my hard disk?

Once every month or two, you should run a defrag and a scan disk. That's about all you need to do.

What is the difference between a pelvis cat scan and an abdomen cat scan?

They are just as they say. An abdominal cat scan is just of that area and a pelvic cat scan is just of that area. Usually if an abdominal cat scan is ordered a pelvis is included so as to cover all things in both areas but if a pelvic cat scan is ordered it usually does not include the abdomen.

How do you rectify insert disk in drive error for usb flash drive?

pendrive scan do and not open the mouse click then insert disk how to rectifieng the problem

What is wrong with your computer if it shuts down very slowly?

It likely needs to be cleaned up. Do a scan disk and a defrag. Delete unused software to free up disk space. Run a virus scan and that should all help a great deal.

What are operating system tools?

Operating system tools are used to carry out certain tasks on your computer and keep your computer running smoothly. Tools include disk defragmenter, disk scan and disk cleanup.

What is the best way to get data from an infected hardrive without contaminating a clean one?

If you are able to hook the drive up to a clean system, do not run any programs that are on the infected disk. You may then be able to run a virus scan on the infected disk and clear up any virus's it contains. If you can't scan the whole disk, or the scan isn't successful in fixing or quarantining the virus, run another virus scan on the folders you need to retrieve data from. If these folders are clean, you can then drag them onto your good drive.

Why should you run a surface scan?

to ensure your disk is working properly without corrupted files

What is the Difference between ct scan and mri?

CT and MRI are both scan tests. CT scan however uses specialized x-ray machine. For MRI, the test takes 30-45 minutes using magnets and radio waves to capture images.