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I'm also wondering difference of those two cuz I met one Holocaust Survivor today and she said holocaust and the shoah is kinda different


Shoah is the word that the Jews use for the attempted extermination of the Jews by the Nazis. This word is used in preference to the word Holocaust for three main reasons:

The Holocaust is used by many to describe all of the victims of Nazi extermination policies.

The definition of Holocaust implies sacrifice and many Jews consider this inappropriate as there was no sacrifice involved.

The word (or term) Holocaust is currently being hijacked by many other people resulting in it's meaning being eliminated, for example 'Animal Holocaust or African Holocaust or 'Today's Holocaust'. Or 'motorway Holocaust' just to describe a car crash, which obviously is almost the same as the Holocaust.

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Why do the Jewish call the Holocaust the Shoah?

That is a Hebrew term (Shoah) meaning Judeocide.

What does shoah mean in english?

Shoah (שואה) means disaster. It is used for the English word "Holocaust".

What is a synonym for Holocaust?

Wildfire, shoah, conflagration

Definition of Shoah?

another term for the Holocaust

Why is the Shoah in every synagogue?

The Hebrew word 'Shoah' means 'catastrophe' and is used by Jews to refer to the Holocaust. The word Shoah is not found in every synagogue.

What is the Jewish word for holocaust?

The word that you are looking for is 'Shoah'.

What was the difference between the Holocaust and the Cambodian genocide?

There no difference between the Holocaust and Cambodia.

What has the author Zev Garber written?

Zev Garber has written: 'Shoah' -- subject(s): Historiography, Holocaust (Jewish theology), Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) 'Post-Shoah Dialogues'

What do Jews call the period between 1939 and 1945?

The Holocaust. ______ The Holocaust refers to the actual genocide, not to the period and not to World War 2. Many Jews call it the Shoah.

What is another name for the Holocaust?

Shoah is a Biblical word which means "Calamity" that was started in use in the 1940's by Jewish people to refer to the Holocaust. Shoah (שואה) is also spelled Sho'ah and Shoa.

What does shoah mean?

Shoah means catastrophe, great calamity. It is used by some for the Holocaust, in particular those who feel that the word holocaust has misleading religious implications. (Holocaust is derived from a Greek word meaning whole offering, burnt sacrifice).

Why do Jews prefer the term shoah to Holocaust?

The problem with the word holocaust is that it has religious connotations, as its original meaning was burnt sacrifice. In general, Jews do not attach any religious significance to the Holocaust. The word shoah simply means catastrophe, disaster.

How would a Jew describe the holocaust?

The word used by Jews for the Holocaust is "The Shoah" which means "calamity" in Hebrew.

What is the word people say instead of saying holocaust?

The Holocaust is sometimes referred to as the Final Solution or as the Shoah.

What do Jews call the Holocaust and why?

Many Jews (and also others) use the word Shoah as holocaust has a religious meaning as well as its other meanings. It originally meant 'whole burnt sacrifice'. 'Shoah' is Hebrew for '(great) catastrophe'.

Do you have any Holocaust videos?

Better watch the movie Schindler's List. Also: * The TV miniseries "Holocaust" * Claude Lanzmann, "Shoah"

How do Jewish people describe the holocaust?

The word Holocaust is unpopular because the Jews offered no sacrifice, therefore the term 'Shoah' is prefered.

How is the word shoah linked to the holocaust?

It is a Hebrew word that more accurately describes what happened.

What do the Jewish people call Hitler's final solution?

The Holocaust the hebrew word is shoah.

What is the definition of shoah?

The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Nazi genocide of the Jews. In Hebrew it means catastrophe. (Unlike the term the Holocaust there are no ambiguities as to whether non-Jewish victims are included).

What is another name for the annihilation of Jews?

* Holocaust * Shoah * "Final solution" * Nazi genocide of the Jews

What is the Hebrew word for Holocaust?

The Hebrew word for the Holocaust is "Shoah" spelled שואהThe biblical word Shoah (שואה), also spelled Shoa and Sho'ah, meaning "calamity" in Hebrew (and also used to refer to "destruction" since the Middle Ages), became the standard Hebrew term for the Holocaust as early as the early 1940s. In recent literature it is specifically prefixed with Ha ("The" in Hebrew) when referring to Nazi mass-murders, for the same reason that holocaust becomes TheHolocaust. It may be spelled Ha-Shoah or HaShoah, as in Yom HaShoah

Why is Israel threatening a new Holocaust?

It's not, when people say that, they are taking words out of Context. It was a quote by Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai saying that Hamas is bringing a bigger Shoah upon themselves. Shoah is the Hebrew word for disaster, that is also used to describe the Holocaust in Germany. Vilnai said disaster, not Holocaust.

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