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Q: What is the difference between single ledger creation and multiple ledger creation in tally 9?
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What are the demerits of multiple ledger creation in tally?

Demerits of Multiple Ledger

Difference between cash book and ledger?


What is difference between Nominal Ledger general ledger?

General ledger is just another name given to nominal ledger. Nominal ledger is a ledger that maintains impersonal accounts like sale , purchase, capital etc.

What is the Difference between cash book and ledger?

Day book is the book which we use to record day today record,but Ledger is a book in which we keep classified data

Difference between ledger balance and available balance?

The available balance refers to the cash that can be withdrawn from the given account. The ledger balance on the other hand refers to the amount that is available in the account.

What is the difference between a general ledger and a trial Balance?

A general ledger shows complete financial transactions over the life of a company. The trial balance just shows debits and credits of the business.

How can you make ledger in tally 9 in pdf format?

To make a ledger in Tally 9 in pdf format, simply choose single or multiple ledger in the gateway of tally box. Print the ledger with a virtual printer and it will save in pdf format.

What is the Difference between integrated and interlocking accounting system?

Integrated system is one which combines the cost accounting and financial accounting functions in one system of ledger accounts while an interlocking system has a cost ledger for the cost accounting function and a financial ledger for the financial accounting function.

Difference between journal and ledger?

One of the difference is that the transactions are usually first recorded in the journals and then later recorded in the general ledger. The other difference is that the entries in a journals are usually chronological order whereas the entries in a ledger are grouped according to the given transaction.

Who does ledger to ledger transfer?

Ledger to ledger bank transfer refers to old-fashioned banking phrase used to describe transfer of money between accounts in a financial institution. This ledger transfer is a very important since it provides for automatic money transfers into savings accounts.

What is the differences between self balancing ledger and sectional balancing ledger?

Below self balancing scheme, change financial records are ready in every ledger but in sectional complementary scheme control the books are set only in General Ledger

Should pass journal entries first in tally 7.2 or open ledger?

furniture account a/c dr 10000 to cash a/c 10000 journal entries are always passed first than ledger creation.