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Semprons' are single-core processors except for the 4 "Brisbane" models which are the only dual-core Semprons'. And the fastest Semprons' are "Sargas" models (based off the Phenom II) and the "Sargas" have a top default frequency of 2.8 GHz. Semprons' are designed to be a low-budget processor.

Athlons' have a long and large line; the original Athlon, Athlon 64, Athlon x2, Athlon XP, and Athlon II. Athlons' are now the mid to low-budget processor. the Athlon line offers a huge diversity of choices. Athlon II is based off the Phenom II processor.

The main difference is the aimed target group which is budget level for either processor. They both share similar architecture and some of both are based off the Phenom II.

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Q: What is the difference between the AMD Athlon and the AMD Sempron?
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Is an AMD Athlon processor compatible to an AMD Sempron motherboard?

Yes, It is compatible.

What processor are used with the socket am3 connector?

You can use an amd sempron or an amd athlon II with an am3 socket, but when am3 was released it was meant to be used with the amd phenom line of CPUs. You can use all three: amd sempron, amd athlon II & amd phenom.

What processors use Socket 754?

AMD Athlon 64 2800+ - 3700+ (Clawhammer core)AMD Athlon 64 2800+ - 3400+ (Newcastle core)AMD Sempron 2600+ - 3300+ (Paris core)AMD Sempron 2500+ - 3400+ (Palermo core)

What is the difference between the new Athlon processors AMD Sempron and Athlon 64?

The athlon 64 is a 64 bit processor. Not many operating systems are capable of using that feature. The processor is backward compatible and will still run the conventional instruction set.

What is the difference between mobile AMD Sempron processor and AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor?

The AMD Sempron processor is a budget processor developed to be placed in computers that are designed for everyday use. They are a single core processor, but the newer ones have 64-bit support and are sometimes called Sempron64's. The Athlon processor is a little more efficient due to the dual cores.

Is the AMD processor adequate for home use?

Depends - AMD make lots of different processors - What one are you looking at (Athlon, Phenom, Sempron)

Is an AMD Sempron processor fast?

Compared to an AMD Athlon? no.. Compared to an Intel Celeron? meh.. An AMD Sempron is basically an Athlon that didn't perform as fast as it should, so they hack away at the performance some more to release a semi-standardized, cheaper, CPU. Intel did the same thing with their Pentiums and turned them into Celerons.

What is the Difference between Intel i3 processor and AMD athlon processor?

Amd is just awesome then intel.

What is an AMD Athlon?

The AMD Athlon is a line of 32-bit microprocessors manufactured by AMD between 199 and 2005. The "Athlon" brand name is continued in other 32-bit and 64-bit processors, such as the Athlon XP, Athlon 64, and Athlon 64 X2.

What is the difference between an AMD Athlon and an AMD Athlon 64?

The AMD Athlon 64 supports 64-bit addressing, while the AMD Athlon uses only 32-bit addressing. 64-bit addressing allows the processor to access more than 4 GB of RAM, which is increasingly important as applications become more memory hungry.

How to clock memory for AMD sempron?

This questions is not right, try with clock memory or AMD Sempron but not both in one !

When do you use amd athlon?

I use AMD Athlon everytime I use my PC that I built with the AMD Athlon II X3 450, and I also use AMD Athlon everytime I use my sister's Toshiba Satellite Laptop, or my mom's Compaq laptop. So in short, I use AMD Athlon whenever I'm using a computer that runs off an AMD Athlon which, by the way, are many.

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