What is the difference between the Catholic religon and the Christian religion?


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The Catholic religion is the original Christian religion. All other Christian denominations can trace their roots back to the Catholic Church. Since there are about 33,000 Protestant denominations, it would be impossible here to discuss all the differences.


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Roman Catholic AnswerThe question, as asked, makes no sense, as the Catholic religion IS the Christian religion, thus there is no difference.

Catholic AnswerNone, Catholic and Christian are the same thing.

Catholic AnswerCatholic weddings are Christian, if you are asking what the difference is between Catholic and protestant weddings, please see the Related Question below.

Well, my mom told me this, the difference between a Catholic mass and a Christian mass is a Christian does not have communion and does not have a tabernacle. But a Catholic mass does give out communion and does have a tabernacle.

There is no difference, Catholics are Christians, if you are asking about the difference between a particular protestant wedding and a Christian Catholic wedding, then you should ask that.

.Catholic AnswerNot a blessed thing for the simple reason that Catholic and Christian are the same thing.

The Church of England is a Protestant Religion. Protestant is different from Catholic, within the Christian Faith.

There is no difference, Catholic and Christian are the same thing. If you are using the term "Christian" to refer to the protestant Bible, then ask that question.

Roman Catholic AnswerNo difference, Catholic and Christian is the same thing. I imagine that you are asking the difference between a Catholic/Christian Bible and a protestant Bible, which protestants may refer to as a Christian Bible. Protestants have removed a number of books from the Old Testament as they were uncomfortable with not believing things that the Bible said, so they changed the Bible.

One is a religion and the other is a language:Catholic refers to a follower of Catholicism, which is a major Christian religion.Hebrew refers to the language spoken in Israel, and by Jewish people all over the world.

neck and neck race between catholic christian religion and Islam

The difference is that Christianity is one religion out of several; in other words, there are other, non-Christian, religions.

A Catholic Mass is particular to Catholicism.Christian communion includes Catholic Mass and also includes similar rituals from all the branches of the Christian faith.

Baptists are a sect of Christianity, not a separate religion.

Catholics are Christian.Roman Catholic AnswerThere is no difference between a Catholic and a Christian according to the traditional interpretation of these two words, unfortunately, since the time of the protestant revolt, heretics have appropriated the word "Christian" to mean someone who believes in their own version of Jesus Christ and their own version of the Bible, and excludes Catholics.

Nothing.. Catholicism is a religion, an Irish Catholic is someone who has roots, family a link with Ireland.

There is no difference, it's two different words for the same thing.

Taoism is a natural philosophy, Catholicism is a revealed religion.

Catholics are Christians, the original Christian, so all Catholic baptisms are Christian but not all Christian baptisms of other Christian sects are recognized as legitimate. They must follow a prescribed formula.

Christian, Catholic, And I'm not sure about this but it's a choice between Jew and Muslim.

The question makes no sense as Catholic and Christian mean exactly the same thing. If you want to know what the difference is between Catholic and protestant, then you should ask that.

Nothing; Catholics are Christians. You may want to reword your question.

None, Catholic priests are Christian priests.

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