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== == Since each of the log rules was developed using different methods with different assumptions, it is logical that they will not always result in the same volumes for given size logs. Table 1 shows a comparison of the three log rules for 16-foot logs ranging in diameter from 6 to 40 inches. Compared to the International Rule, both the Scribner and Doyle Rules underscale logs of smaller diameters. For example, a 12-inch-diameter log contains 95 board feet on the International scale, 80 board feet on the Scribner scale, and 64 board feet on the Doyle scale. Overall, the Doyle Rule will result in lower log volumes than the International Rule, up to a log diameter of 30 inches. Since nearly all logs in Virginia are below 30 inches in diameter, for all practical purposes the Doyle Rule will underestimate the actual board footage. If you are selling stumpage or logs, it is important to recognize the differences in volume associated with the different log rules. Since stumpage or log prices are based on the timber or log volume, you will receive substantially more income with the rules that scale your sizes higher. For example, take a log of 16 inches diameter x 16 feet in length and a value of $100 per thousand board feet. This log would have the following volumes and values based upon the different log rules: {| ! Log


(in.) ! Log Rule ! Volume

(board feet) ! Value ($) | 16 International 180 18.00 16 Scribner Decimal C 160 16.00 16 Doyle 144 14.40 |}

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What is the difference between rough and dressed lumber?

Dressed lumber has been planed smooth.

What is the difference between nominal dimension and net dimension lumber?

Nominal Dimension Lumber is what it's cut to and Net dimensional Lumber is what it actually is.

What is the difference between wood and lumber?

Wood is a hard substance, composing of the stem of branches of a tree of shrub. Lumber is wood- which has been conditioned

What is the difference between grade 1 and grade 2 lumber?

a bit more lumbering

What is the difference between seasoned lumber and unseasoned lumber?

Seasoned lumber has been dried, usually in a lumber kiln, to roughly 6% to 8% moisture content. Unseasoned lumber may be anything from dripping-wet-fresh-from-the-tree to air dried, depending on how long it's been sitting at the lumberyard and on the local humidity.

What is the difference between para lam and versa lam lumber?

Paralam is manufactured by Weyerhauser and Versalam is manufactured by Boise-Cascade. Other than that, there really is no difference.

What is the difference between 2 and premium select grades of lumber?

premium select has less knotts, #2 construction grade.

What is the difference between fibreboard and chipboard?

In Canadian lumber mills at least, chipboard is made with smaller particles than fibreboard.

What is the Difference of timber to lumber?

Timber is the tree after it is cut down. Lumber is the wood after it has been cut to its desired purpose.

What is difference between resawn and rough sawn lumber?

Re sawn lumber is achieved by re-processing smooth standard milled lumber to achieve a roughened surface, normally for aesthetics. The lumber is passed along a saw blade to achieve the desired effect. The finished size is smaller than nominal call-out dimension. Rough sawn lumber is the board, plank or timber prior to milling for final sizing. Rough sawn lumber is larger in dimensions to the nominal call out. Rough sawn lumber is sometimes referred as rough milled lumber when certain exact sizes are desired.

What is the difference between unseasoned wood and seasoned wood?

This refers to the amount of aging it has had since cut. Green is another name for unseasoned wood. This refers to firewood and cut lumber. Seasoned is ready for sale in a lumber yard or fireplace ready.

You recently bought a truck load of lumber from a retiring cabinet maker and you were wondering how to tell the difference between maple and birch?

birch should be lighter.

Timothy is repairing a picture frame He will need 5 pieces of wood each measuring foot in length He is going to cut the 5 pieces from a scrap of wood that measures 4.5 feet How much wood will remain?

If he went to Home Depot; he could buy a brand new piece of lumber and cut that. However, he will need to get a piece of lumber measuring 5 feet 1/4 inch in lnegth if he is using a skill saw that has a blade measuring 1/8th of an inch thick. Four cuts will eat away 1/4 inch of lumber leaving him with five pieces of wood measuring 1 foot in length.

Where does most of Canada's wealth come from?

Most of Canada's wealth comes from international trade in lumber and oil

What is the difference in board feet and linear feet?

Board feet is the unit measure of rough lumber. Linear feet is the unit measure of S4S lumber. (smooth 4 sides)

What was the largest company with structural lumber as its primary product?

The largest company with structural lumber as its primary product was TJ International Inc. (Boise, Idaho), with 3,735 employees and sales of $800 million in 1999.

Is the correct plural of lumber is lumber?

Yes. Lumber.

Can you get lumber after getting lumber shed in harvest moon?

when you have the lumber shed it will not show the lumber but in fact it DOES go into the lumber shed to get the lumber out press on the shed I HOPE I HAVE HELPED YOU

Is lumber a collective noun?

No, the noun lumber is not used as a collective noun. The collective noun for lumber is a stack of lumber.

What is a sentence with the word lumber?

Keep the lumber dry otherwise it will not ignite.The lumber is stored in the cellar.We need more lumber.Lumbar and lumber are not the same thing.

Is wood expensive?

Wood has a huge range of price. Construction lumber is about halfway in cost between cheap 'utility' lumber and the really expensive hardwoods for making furniture.

Composite Lumber?

form_title= Composite Lumber form_header= Become a handyman with composite lumber. What is the project? *= _ [50] How much lumber do you need?*= _ [50] Does the lumber need to be pretreated?*= () Yes () No

Where is lumber sold?

at a lumber shop!

What is a lumber jobber?

a job to get lumber

Is lumber considered a plant?

No, lumber is produced from trees. Lumber is not a specific tree or plant.

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