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What is the difference between the Neolithic and Mesolithic period?


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Neolithic people were framers and Mesolithic were hunters. Neolithic people liced in7000bc and mesolithic lived in 3500 bc

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The mesolithic period was between the paleolithic and neolithic.

The Neolithic period is the last part of the Stone Age, see related link.

G. A. Pankrushev has written: 'Mezolit i neolit Karelii' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Mesolithic period, Neolithic period

No. The Paleolithic Period is part of the Stone Age. The Stone Age also includes the Mesolithic Period and the Neolithic Period.

The biggest difference between the two periods was that the Neolithic period saw the advent of tools and implements; the first developments of technology. Paleolithic peoples did not use tools of any kind.

The Neolithic period is also called the New Stone Age. It covers the period about 9000 to 3500 BC, from which archeologists have found polished stone tools, pottery, weaving, and evidence of livestock rearing, agriculture, and megaliths (huge stone constructions, such as Stonehenge). The Paleolithic period, from about 2 million BC to 10000 BC, is called the Old Stone Age. It was a time when humans used flint, stone, and bone tools, and found their food by hunting, fishing, and foraging plant foods. The Mesolithic period (sometimes called the Epipaleolithic period) took place between the end of the paleolithic and the beginning of the neolithic periods.

== == The difference between the palaeolithic communities and the neolithic communities is that the palaeolithic communities has to do with the early part of Stone age(the very early period of human history when tools and weapons were made of stone)while the neolithic communities is connected with the latter part of the Stone age.

The Stone Age is a period in human culture identified by the use of stone implements and usually divided into the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic stages.

"Mesolithic" means "Middle Stone Age." However, the prefix "meso-" in the word can mean "between," and this has been taken some scientists to refer to cultures in between a hunter-gathering mode and an agricultural mode. The Mesolithic era begins at the end of the Pleistocene epoch and the start of the Holocene, the most recent geologic epoch. The Mesolithic era was an unusual transition time between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic. Because the period was relatively short, Mesolithic artifacts are relatively hard to come by, consisting mainly of middens, or scrap-heaps. In coastal areas around the world, there are large shell middens dating to the Mesolithic era. In British Columbia, there is a midden several meters in depth which has been around for at least 10,000 years.

Before humans learned metalworking, they used stone for their tools. The very long period of time during which people used stone tools is called the Stone Age. It is divided into the Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age), Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) and Neolithic (New Stone Age). In some cultures, the Neolithic age is within living memory.

It preceed the Mesolithic peroid,noted for it's flacked stone implements as well cave drawings.Ii followed the Magdalenian stage of Paleolithic,pertaining to the most advanced cultured stage of the Pale. period in Europe.

just like a normal period but more neolithic

The Stone Age is also known as prehistory and it ranges between 200.000 and 4000 years BCE when the dawn of civilization commenced. This period is divided to three subcategories the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic one which ended with the dawn of the Bronze age.

Paleolithic refers to the Old Stone Age period of time, whereas neolithic refers to the New Stone Age period of time, which came afterwards.

What is the difference between product and period costs

The Neolithic followed the Paleolithic Period, or age of chipped-stone tools, and preceded the Bronze Age, or early period of metal tools. A brief treatment of the Neolithic Period follows. For full treatment, see Stone Age: Neolithic and technology: The Neolithic Revolution.

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"What rounded stones used to crush grains in neolithic period?"

agricultural started at the end of the mesolithic period.

the differenses between triassic period and the jurassic period is that idk i will have to think about it.

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The difference between the rose period and the blue period is that the rose period started when Pablo found the love of his life, but the blue period started when his best friend died.

There were no "Neolithic People" there were, however, groups of people who lived in the time between the invention of agriculture and the invention of copper. We call this period of time the Neotlithic era.

the neolithic people are the people that lived during the neolithic time period AKA new stone age

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