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the difference is the human one is for humans and the chicken one is for chickens. We humans eat chicken.....".........'........'..........lawls

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Q: What is the difference between the fibula in humans and chickens?
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What is the difference between how chickens and humans grow?

chickens are smaller than humans and have 4 legs and humans have 2 legs.

What is the difference between a chicken's and a humans digestive system?

Both chicken's and humans have similarities in the digestive system such as a large intestine and esophagus. The difference is that chickens have a proventriculas and a gizzard, while humans have a stomach and mouth.

What are the names of the bones of humans?


Will chickens kill humans or humans will kill chickens?

Neither both can kill. If chickens get caught in the net humans can something sharp to kill chickens but if the chickens tail or feather ripped off the chickens will kill humans with it's sharp claws.

Where is the fibular located in the body?

The fibula is the outer and usually smaller of the two bones between the knee and the ankle in humans, parallel with the tibia.

What is th difference between a frogs skeletal system and a humans?

Most of the human bones are found in the frog skeleton but there are tree major differences;*The pelvis is forked*some bones unfused in humans are fused in frogs, like the tibia and fibula into the tibiofibula*most frogs have no ribs

What is the difference between humans and phones?

humans talk, phones answer.

What is the difference between fetal pigs and humans systems?

The difference between fetal pigs and humans systems is actually not that big. The humans are bigger than fetal pigs.

How many chickens are on earth than humans?

There are an estimated 8 Billion Chickens on the Earth. So Chickens outnumber Humans by 2 billion.

How common are chickens?

Chickens are very common because there are more chickens then humans and at hawaii there are wild chickens.

What is the difference between a cat appendix and a humans?

Cats do not have appendix and humans do.

What is the difference between bacteria and humans?

Humans are more complex organisms.

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