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The difference is that metal gear solid games are just the game. Substances are the game with new features GHOST-OF-TSC: exactly

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Q: What is the difference between the metal gear solids and metal gear solid substances?
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What are examples of non fluids?

Some examples of non-fluids are solids (such as ice, wood, and metal) and gases (such as air, oxygen, and carbon dioxide). These substances do not flow and have definite shapes or volumes.

Examples of solids?


Which is a solid ionic metallic molecular or amorphus?

Ionic solids are composed of a three-dimensional array of ions held together by electrostatic forces, metallic solids exhibit a sea of delocalized electrons within a lattice of metal cations, molecular solids are held together by intermolecular forces between molecules, and amorphous solids lack long-range order in their atomic arrangement.

What are the difference between sensor and metal detector?

metal detector is sensor

The difference between a metal stud and track is that a metal stud has holes and track does not?


What is the difference between fluids and solids?

Fluids can flow and take the shape of their container, while solids have a fixed shape and volume. The particles in fluids are not tightly packed and can move past each other, whereas the particles in solids are closely packed and vibrate in place. Examples of fluids include water and air, while examples of solids include wood and metal.

How are solids formed?

Ionic compounds are usually formed between a metal element and a non metal element in most cases. There are some exceptions such as ammonium nitrate though.

What can increase the voltage difference between a metal electrode and a solution?

If electrons are left behind in metal this will increase the voltage difference between a metal electrode and a solution. Also if the solution becomes more positive this will cause an increase.

Difference between metal oxide and metallic oxide?

metal and metallic are the same thing arent they??

What is the difference between Disturbed and Godsmack?

None. They fall into a metal subgenre called Nu-Metal

What is the difference between corrosive and caustic?

Corrosive substances can cause metal to deteriorate or wear away due to a chemical reaction. Caustic substances can cause burns or tissue damage upon contact with skin or other materials. Both corrosive and caustic substances are hazardous and should be handled with care.

What is the difference between hot and cold galvanized metal?

They are nice :)