What is the difference between thin set mortar and sanded grout?

Thinset is a type of blended portland cement used to set tile on a slab or cementboard.

the tern "thin" is from the thin bed that the tile is set in. thinset mortar is a blend of portland cement, finely graded sand and a water retention compound that allows the cement to hydrate.

there are many different types of thinset out there in grey and white color, multi purpose, polymer modified, non-modified, fast Setting or high quality latex modified thinset mortars like flex, super flex and multi flex thinset.

Grout is used to fill the joint in between the tile.

there are a few types of grout out there....... * Portland cement based grouts * epoxy-based grouts * furan resin grouts The portland cement based is the most popular. and is made up of graded sand, portland cement, sometimes water retentive additives, and colored pigments.