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ang volcannoes kay mo chupa og oten sa water magpalobot og sa oten kuha mo

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Q: What is the difference between volcanoes in land and under sea?
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What is the difference between Compare volcanoes that form on land with volcanoes that form in the ocean.?

Land Volcanoes eat lamas and underwater volcanoes eat camals

Are there volcanoes under the sea?

There are more under water than on land.

What is the difference between continental rifting and oceanic rifting?

ones on land the other under water

What causes an underwater volcano erupts?

Volcanoes underwater erupt in much the same way as those on dry land. They erupt when pressure builds up. The difference between these two types of volcanoes is that the lava produced in an underwater volcano cools dramatically faster than the lava on land.

How do volcanoes on Hawaii compare to ones on land?

From their bottoms on the ocean floor to their peaks, the Hawaiian volcanoes are the tallest in the world - even taller than Mount Everest. That is the main difference.

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It is the difference between walking and swimming.

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What are the damages caused by a under water volcanoes?

All volcanoes have some dangers, of course. Some underwater volcanoes can lead to tsunamis or other forms of water disasters. Land volcanoes spit ouot hot ash and lava and molten rock, and smoke as well, so much so that you could be burned alive by boiling hot ash, choked to death by smoke or gas or burned by lava, or even crushed by falling rock.

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