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The different factors influencing mental health are very diverse and different for everyone. What might cause mental illness in one person may actually benefit them in the long run. One of the things that seems to be the biggest influence is attitude. A positive attitude seems to be almost invincible in the face of the scariest situations imaginable.

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Q: What is the difference factors of mental health?
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What are the factors that decide the health of the people?

physical ,mental and social health are some factors that decide the health of the people

What are the Factors affecting the mental health?

Having mental friends

Does architecture have anything to do with mental health?

Absolutely. People's surroundings and environment are major factors in their emotional and mental health.

What Factors influence the mental health of individuals that leads them to mental health problems in the community?

Stress and biological predisposition.

How does urbanization affect mental health?

disscuss the factors

What is the difference between mental illness and mental health?

Mental health is a reflection of your overall emotional well being and mental illness refers to specific problems or disorders

What factors develop mental health?

Factors that develop mental health are genes; trauma (such as a bad accident; witnessing a trauma; abuse; rape, etc.) Stress alone can also cause mental health issues along with the misuse of street drugs and alcohol.

What are the other factors that help develop mental health?


What role do genetics and environmental factors play in the development of mental health disorders?

From therapy and counseling to psychiatric consultations, their experienced practitioners are committed to guiding you on your journey towards better mental health and also on maternal mental health. - JOY SPRING MENTAL HEALTH

What is the focus of mental health treatment-?

The focus of mental health treatment is on improving the quality of life and functioning of the person suffering from the mental illness.

What are the factors that help develop good mental health?

genes, good physical health, optimism, meditation

All the factors that affect your mental health?

tanginanio ala kaung kwenta