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What is the difference human animal bone?

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For example, pelvises of cats are much narrower than the humans. why? because humans have to walk, with two legs. but cats don't. they have their weight balaced into four, their pelvis' don't have to be wide. but, humans, walk with two legs, which will divide their weight to only two parts, their pelvis, has to be wide, to balace out the weight. for another eg. frog's thighs are much longer and thicker. why? also, frog has to jump and leap to other places. which will advance their thighs to be long and thick.

2008-04-27 16:15:41
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Q: What is the difference human animal bone?
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Why are animal pelvic bones smaller than humans?

because animal are different from a human HOW?human bone are longer than a animal bone they has lot of bone than an animal

Is it human method for bone age can apply to animal bone?


What is the difference between a human bone and a chicken bone?

ones from a chicken and ones from a human

Why can humans not replace their bones with animal bones?

Bone is a living tissue, and animal bone is NOT human bone. The animal bone would be detected as a foreign object and rejected by the body.

Name an animal with a back bone?

A human

How can you tell if the bone is animal or human?

by looking at it

What is the difference of human bone and fish bone?

a fish bone is more brittle I THINK!!!!!!!

If a bone in the human body is replaced by an animal bone of the human skeleton is it possible for the person to undergo a physical and mental mutation to become a hybrid of human and animal?

no it will not have mutatoin but it might have some diffence

What is the difference between animal and human chromosomes?

The difference in chromosomes in animals and in humans can depend on the actions and the life that either the animal or the human can portray.

What sort of bone was the Maori weapons made out of?

Whale, human, animal.

What is a animal with a spinal cord and a back bone called?

human, monkey...

Difference between animal skeleton and human skeleton?

animal bigger

What is the difference between an artifact and a fossil?

A fossil is of non-human origin (e.g. animal bone) that has not been altered by humans in any way. An artifact is a product of human activity including bone and shell tools and ornaments, ceramic vessels, metal objects, etc.

What is the difference between a bird bone and a human bone?

Depends what bird; Some bird bones are hollow.

What is the difference between a cat hip bone and a human hip bone?

a cats hip bone is curved in at the end of a humans it goes in

What is the different of animal blood and human blood?

human are animals so how can we say that "what is the difference between animal blood and human blood?"

What are the animal life?

animal life is matching to human life animals have some difference activity from human life .

What is the difference between a bird and a human other than flying?

they have hollow bone and human bones are solid

What are the difference between animal and human heart?


What is one important difference between a single bone cell and the bone tissue in a human femur bone?

A bone cell is a living cell, but bone tissue includes a non-living matrix

What is the difference between a rat and a human liver?

rat is an animal and a human liver is an organ

Why pelvic bone of animal much less massive than those of the human?


Is a yellow bone an animal bone?

Every bone comes from an animal

Difference between human and animal respiratory system?


What do human cells have that animal cells dont?

Aside from different DNA, there isn't really much of a difference between animal cells and human cells. Human cells are an example of an animal cell.