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Ecology is the study of the science and an ecosystem is the system itself where organisms live.


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Nuance is a word that means a subtle difference in meaning.

Three terms in ecology used to describe organisms such as cows are:second consumersherbivores1st heterotroph

In "Ecology" terms, individual has pretty much the basic regular meaning we use. So Individual means, any single organism. Like the one on its own.Ecology is mostly related to study of group of organisms . If all individuals of a species in a given area are studied , it is called autecology .

The terms 4 stroke, and 4 cycle, have the same meaning. There is no difference in the oil.

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In fact, there are eight levels of ecology. They are the biosphere, region, landscape, ecosystem, community, interactions, population and individual organism. Biosphere talks about how air in the atmosphere affect ecology. Region talks about the geological history and how it has affected biodiversity in the region, specifically to certain organisms. Landscape talks about what happens it the area, like agriculture or commercial. Ecosystem is simply the system of ecology that includes plants, animals, humans, the atmosphere and all other factors. Community is the certain species that is mentioned. Interactions are the interdependencies on one organism to another, which includes terms such as parasitic. Indivudual organisms relate to just the organism itself.

Organism, community, population, and other terms.

there is no difference, some people call it "banana" and others call it "banano" but it always has the same meaning

hint: about ecosystem think about it

In terms of ecology, they would be called a population.

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Ecosystems comprise communites of living organisms plus the physical environment in which they inhabit. Landscape is a broader definition in terms of spatial context in which communities and ecosystems live.

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Well, in medical terms, leeches can be very helpful. But in the ecosystem? I'm not sure. Maybe they are just like mosquitoes; in that they live for themselves.

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