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There isn't 'an' Eagle Nebula. There is 'the' Eagle Nebula. This is just the familiar name for a large cloud surrounding the Open Cluster M16. Nebulae come in all conceivable shapes and sizes, so they are all different from each other!


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yes some of the largest nebulae in the milky way galaxy are the horsehead nebula and the eagle nebula.

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The Eagle Nebula is a diffuse emission nebula. A nebula is a region of interstellar gas and dust. Emission nebulae are clouds of ionized gas. The ionization comes from an extremely hot star that sends high-energy photons to the nebula. These nebulae usually appear reddish. If you look at pictures of the Eagle Nebula, you can find that most of it is tinted pink. You can see the dense pockets of superheated gas that are forming young protostars.

Yes. There are many nebulae. The Crab nebula the eagle etc.

there are many different types of nebulae:eagle nebuladark nebulaemission nebulareflection nebulasupernova nebulaplanetary nebulathe crab nebulathe Orion nebulathe helix nebulathe wolf generated nebulathe twin jet nebulacometary nebulacupids nebulathe horse head nebulathe horse head and flamesEskimo nebulathe ring nebulathe lemon slice nebulaboomerang nebulatarantula nebulared square nebulacateye nebularosette nebulahourglass nebulaeta canarie nebulai am not very sure if that's all of themby: cierra currier

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The Eagle Nebula was discovered by Jean-Philippe de Cheseaux in 1745-46

Not surprisingly it's shape resembles an eagle. See related link for a picture and make your own mind up.

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I'm not completely sure, i think it is located in the eagle nebula.

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The "Eagle Nebula" cluster of stars is classified as being part of a diffuse emission nebula. It can be found in the "Serpens" constellation of stars and is thought to be around 5.5 million years old.

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Flame Nebula Orion Nebula Eagle Nebula Omega Nebula Horsehead Nebula Eskimo Nebula Hourglass Nebula Pelican Nebula Helix Nebula (Eye of God) The list goes on. If you want to learn more I suggest checking out the NASA website or even looking up "nebula" on wikipedia where the have a list of the more notable nebula's.

One of the most famous nebula is the Eagle Nebula (or M16) is located in the constellation Serpens.. See related links for a star map and a picture.

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