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The molar heat capacity of hydrogen (H2) is 28,835 J/mol/K.
The molar heat capacity of oxygen (O2) is 29,378 J/mol/K.

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Q: What is the difference in specific heat between hydrogen and oxygen molecules?
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Why does hydrogen bonding exists between water molecules but not between hydrogen sulfide molecules?

you should know it

Why does water have a high specific heat and heat evaporation?

It is because of the hydrogen bonds that form between the water molecules.

How do bonds form between water molecules?

The bond between water molecules is known as a hydrogen bond.

Is hydrogen the strongest bond that forms between molecules?

No Hydrogen is the weakest bond that can possible form between two molecules.

What is the difference between water molecules and the bond within the water molecule?

The water molecule is H2O; the intermolecular bonds are hydrogen bonds.

Distance between hydrogen to hydrogen atom in methane molecules?

1.79 Angstroms

What is between the molecules of liquid water?

Water molecules are linked by hydrogen bonds.

Water molecules are polar with the?

Water molecules are polar because of the large electronegativity difference between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The oxygen atom is more electronegative than the hydrogen atoms. This causes the oxygen end of the molecule to have a slightly negative charge, and the hydrogen end to have a slightly positive charge.

Why is there a force of attraction between water molecules?

The property of cohesion describes the ability of water molecules to be attracted to other water molecules, which allows water to be a "sticky" liquid. Hydrogen bonds are attractions of electrostatic force caused by the difference in charge between slightly positive hydrogen ions and other, slightly negative ions.

When alcohol dissolved in water why temperature of alcohol is increased?

The hydrogen bonds between water molecules and respectively hydrogen bonds between ethanol molecules are broken by mixing; new hydrogen bonds are formed between water and ethanol molecules - this second process is exothermic.

What is found between water molecules?

A hydrogen bond.

What is the difference in water molecules in warm water and cold water?

The molecules in warm water are moving quicker, meaning that the hydrogen bonds between the molecules are breaking very quickly whereas the molecules in cold water are moving much slower.