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Wild animals typically provide for themselves. Domesticated animals are provided for by humans.

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All wildlife are animals, yet all animals aren't wild. Man has domesticated many species that can no longer be considered wild.

Wild animals are any animals that have not been domesticated.

okay first cats and dogs are different even in the wild. second all animals behave different under different circumstances.

Domesticated animals are breed specially for human use and are comfortable with them around. Wild animals are feral and are not familiar with human contact.

Animals that are wild and live in the wild. I

Jaguars are wild animals.

a wild animal is an animal that is not domesticated

Poultry is domesticated fowl as game are animals that are also found in the wild

Not usually! ________________ Nope. They are wild and not domesticated.

Any animal that has not been domesticated is a wild animal.

Donkeys are domesticated, asses are wild. A jackass is a just a male ass (wild donkey).

Tigers are wild animals.

Animals that are not domesticated.

Lions are wild animals and have never been domesticated.

Wolves are wild animals, and shepherds are domesticated. They can live happily and peacefully with humans and want to please them. Wolves are the opposite.

Albinism is rare among wild animals but quite common among some domesticated species. This is because in the wild, albino animals would not have a chance to survive and breed.

Nobody, bears are NOT domesticated! Especially NOTgrizzlies.

domesticated animals are bred specially for human use and are comfortable with people. Wild animals have never experienced human contact and fear people.

In the wild somewhere between 24,000 and 33,000 and about 3,500 domesticated animals

There are differences between the bones of domesticated animal species and their wild ancestors, so depending on how much is preserved it is possible to work out if an animal was domesticated. As a general rule domesticated animals have been changed by humans through selective breeding to have characteristics which suit human needs. Domesticated animals used for food are often much larger in terms of the meat they have on them, but may be bred to be more managable - Cattle may be bred without horns, or pigs may have shorter legs. Animals kept for companionship often have physiological changes to make their skulls "cuter" or more human like.

The difference is that tamed animals are like trained and wild animals are like just wild and sometimes dangerous.

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