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The Silang Revolt happened during the British occupation of the Philippines during the Spanish colonization period. Don't get confused, it's still the Spanish period. The British actually asked the help of Diego Silang to overthrow the Spanish Rule. -Leo Amadeus Ruiz. :)

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Q: What is the difference of Silang's revolt with other revolts in the Philippines?
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What political revolts occurred in the Philippines during the Spanish period from 1565-1896?

The most important political revolt to occur in the Philippines during the Spanish period was the Philippine Revolution (also known as the Tagalog War). The revolt lasted from 1896-1898, resulting in the creation of the First Philippine Republic. However, this declaration of independence was recognized neither by Spain nor the United States.

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why did the early filipino revolt fail? It is due to the lack of unity among the Filipinos and the effective colonial strategy of divide and rule.

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