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There is no difference The Asian and Indian elephant is the same species!!

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Q: What is the difference of a Indian elephant and an Asian elephant?
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Is a Indian elephant a carnivore-herbivore or omnivore?

An Indian elephant (the Asian elephant) is an herbivore.

What are the age names of elephants?

Asian/Indian elephant and African elephant..... XD

Are Asian elephant and Indian elephant different breeds?

No, they are an entirely different species.

A difference between Asian elephant and African elephant?

An African Elephant has larger ears than an Asian elephant and are in general just bigger.

What is the most important thing about an elephant's ear?

Not sure which one, but the difference between an Asian elephant and an Indian elephant is the ear. One has a smaller ear and the other has a much larger ear.

How do you tell an African Elephant from a regular elephant?

There are three species of elephant, the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant . The biggest noticeable difference is that African elephants have much bigger ears than there Indian counterparts.

What is the difference between Indian elephant and African elephant?

An Indian elephant has smaller ears than an African elephant.

What is the difference between An African Elephant and an Indian Elephant?

The difference between and Indian elephant and an African elephant is that both of them LOVE Buzz Lightyear, and then only the Indian elephant LOVES Superman as well. that is the answer. (they fly away rapidly)

What is the difference between a n Asian elephant and an African elephant?

An Asian elephant has noticeably smaller ears than an African elephant. Also, African elephants are usually bigger than Asian elephants.

Which elephant has the smallest ears?

The Asian Elephant has the smallest ears, of the current existing species (African Bush Elephant, African Forest Elephant, and Asian Elephant or Indian Elephant). However, when alive, the Mammoths had the smallest ears.

What is the difference between the Asian elephant and the African elephant?

The ears. Asian elephants have tiny ears and African elephants have large ears.

Is the Indian and Asian elephant the same?

The Asian Elephants Don't Have tusks And Indian Elephants Have Tusks Sumatran Elephants Have Tusks Like Mammoths

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