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when you know both speed and direction of an objects motion you know the velocity of an object.

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How does air resistance affect the speed of falling objects?

Air resistance will determine the "terminal volocity" based on surface area

What is volocity?

You find the velocity by distance divide by speed

What is the meaning of volocity?

It's a "speed" plus a "direction".

How did the lamborghini impact the society?

its changed the world in speed and volocity

What is the volocity of a wave?

the speed the wave travels threw space

What is escape volocity?

Escape velocity is the speed you would have to go to escape gravity.

What is the difference between an objects speed and an objects velocity?

Speed only tells how fast something is going, while velocity tells speed and direction.

What is the speed of terminal volocity?

You could multiply force times mass, with gravity being the force, thus giving acceleration then take away the force in which drag acts upon to gibe the terminal volocity

Time difference of objects at speed of light compared to time on earth?

If you observe a clock moving past you at the speed of light, it will appear to you to have stopped.

Do all objects fall at different speeds?

no all objects fall at the same speed if they are in a vacuum the only thing that makes a difference if atmosphere or air.

How can you tell what the objects speed is?

You can tell an objects speed using the dopler effect.

What effect does distance have on the speed of a moving objects?

Distance does not change the speed of objects.

How was the name fastpitch invented?

The name fastpitch was first brought up by how their arm circulated in speed. The movement from distance to the given object is determined by calculating the volocity of movement from one given object to the next. And in baseball the given objects would be the pitchers hand and the baseball bat at specific heights and speeds.

Does heat is NOT related to temperature differences?

Heat is the amount of energy transferred between objects where a difference in temperature is present. So in that sense, heat is related to temperature differences, but is not the same. The temperature difference is caused by the difference in the avg. speed of particles between the two objects.

Does the speed of falling objects increase at a constant rate?

The speed of falling objects increases at a constant rate.

What is the speed of light as it travels through transparent objects?

The speed varies according to the refractive index of the objects.

What is the speed of most objects and what it depend on?

Different objects can have different speeds; also, the same object can have one speed now, and a different speed later.

How does weight affect the speed at which objects fall to the ground?

In air, it might ... and then the shape would make a difference too. But if it's just the falling object and gravity, then weight makes no difference.

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