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Define normal... there are many types of 'normal' farming.

There's hardly any difference between normal farming. as long as you dont use chemicals to spray the crops, and organic farming...

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Q: What is the differences between normal farming and organic farming?
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How is organic farming different from normal farming?

Organic Farming-Organic farming is a kind of farming that relies on techniques such as crop rostation etc.

Which environmental factor is different between where normal potatoes and organic potatoes are grown?

The environmentle factor between organic potatoes and normal potatoes is organic potatoes are picked up from the tree freshly. But the normal potatoes are added some chemical in it.

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What is the difference between a organic egg and chicken and normal egg and chicken?

An organic egg is more eco friendly

What is the differences between vitamins and mineral?

Vitamins are organic compounds required by the body for normal functioning whereas Minerals are inorganic compounds having low atomic weights. Minerals are also essentials for health.

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you wont have sex!!!!

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One's a typhoon and one's a normal storm

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cancer cells divide rapidly where normal cell don't.

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Difference between organic food and normal food?

"Normal" food usually contains things such as pesticides, hormones, nitrates, antibiotics, GMO and refined foods, all of which will harm your body, whereas organic food will not.

What are the differences between typical and atypical decelerations on a CTG?

typicals are normal responses/ where as atypicals are serious

What is the difference between 100 percent normal cotton and organic cotton?

Nothing. Companies like to add the term "organic" to products so they can charge more and get away with it.

What is the difference between organic potatoes and normal potatoes?

organic potatoes are grown without any pesticides while conventional potatoes are grwon with pesticides which are very bad and unhealthy for you.

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How organic foods benefit us as an individual and the environment as a whole?

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in organic gardening/farming, though according to USDA guidelines, pesicides can be used in certain situations, so under normal circumstance organically grown foods are chemical free. Also, organic foods are for the most part GMO free, though according to government regulations, they do not have to be totally GMO free. Since synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used, the environment is not being harmed. In fact, part of organic growing is building up the soil, so the soil benefits from organic farming.

Which fruit stays fresher longer organic or non-organic?

well it is organic because they don't have preservatives like normal fruit

What is the difference between hydropic tomato farming and normal tomato farming?

The correct term is "hydroponic", since "hydropic" is a medical term relating to swelling, water retention and edema. Hydroponic farming means that one plants in nutrient-rich water instead of soil.

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Whatever Organic is better than normal because organic food are free of chemicals and pesicides.

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