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Actually float and double are both numeric data types that are used to store large numbers. They can have a lot of digits after the decimal point in the number. The actual difference between them is in size. According to the Java Language Specification, a float is a 32-bit value, while a double is a 64-bit value. Otherwise they work in the same way with respect to one another.

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Q: What is the different between float and double data types?
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Different types of data types in c?

Character, Integer, Float, Double.

Mention different types available in C?

Char, int, float and double.

What are different types of data?

The different types of data are boolean, char, byte, short, int, long, double, float and string (object).

What are different data types available in c?

int char float string double bool decimal

What are the different data types suppourted by c.give example?

data types supported by "C" are int , float , char , long , double , uint

Innumerate the different types of data type?

eight primitive data types are: -boolean -char -byte -short -int -long -double -float

How can you add different type of data in a stack?

1.Using struct, we can store different data types like int, float, double, char, etc.

What are the data types provided in c language?

there are 4 types of data types.char, integer,float,double.

Which numeric type field will you choose to store fractional values?

Floating point types are used to represent fractional numbers. In both C and Java the names for these types are float and double. double offers greater precision than float.

Different data types?

intlong intsort intstringcharfloatdoubleBooleanarraylisttreestackqueuegraph

What are the Different data types used in c plus plus?

Same as c language.there are 3 types of data types.they INT,CHAR,FLOAT. hey double is also a basic data type in C++

What are two Java primitive types store floating-point numbers?

double and float

What are the various Data types used in C?

the following types exist in c: int float double char void enum

What are primitive data types in java?

The 8 primitive data types are byte, short, int, long, float, double, boolean and char

Two primitive types for storing floating numbers in memory?

In Java, you can use either a float or a double

What are tose primitive data types?

byte, short, int, long, char, float, double, boolean

What are 8 examples of data types?

byte short long int char float double boolean

What does the float do in java like declare blablabla as float?

float and double are types of numbers that accept decimals. Consider them as numbers in scientific notation. double allows a larger range of numbers than float, and more significant digits. Usually you would use double, unless you have some special situation, like a large array of numbers, and you decide the extra precision is not necessary.

Why Float and double range differents in java?

Because they represent two different types of values. floats are used for large numbers but doubles are used for extremely large numbers. a float variable range is somewhere around 2100 or so whereas the range in a double variable is somewhere around 21000 or even more

What are the data types in java explanation?

Java has eight primitive data types: > byte > short > int > long > float > double > boolean > char

What are the nine basic data types?

Byte Short Int Long Float Double Char Bool String

What are basic data types in c?

basic data types in c language are: int(signed int) short int long int unsigned int char float double long double

In a double bond?

A double bond in chemistry is a chemical bond between two chemical elements involving four bonding electrons instead of the usual two. Many types of double bonds exist between two different elements.

What are the only types in Java that are not classes?

The non-class Java data types are primitives: * byte * short * int * long * float * double * boolean * char

What are the fundamental data types in java?

Assuming by "fundamental" you mean the primitive data types: boolean, byte, char, short, int, long, float, and double