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The discharge of electricity built up during a storm can be dangerous. It is a static discharge that is generated by positive an negatively charged clouds. When these clouds come in close contact with each other there is an electrical static discharge. This is known as lightning.

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Discharge of electricity built up during a storm?


What is discharged of electricity built up during a storm?

Lightning is the potentially dangerous discharge of electricity built up during a storm. It can happen from the cloud to the ground, or from cloud to cloud.

Discharge of electricity build up during a storm?


The sudden discharge of electricity in a storm is called?


Is lightning the same as thunderstorm?

No. Lightning is a large discharge of static electricity. A thunderstorm is a rain storm that produces thunder and lightning.

How do you conduct electricity?

By standing under a tree during a lightning storm.

Does lightning come from the ground or up in the storm clouds?

Lightning is the massive discharge of static energy that is built up in the clouds.

What are some things that is caused by static electricity?

a lightning strike during a storm

How did Thomas Edison descover electricity?

He tied a key to a kite during a lightning storm and wen it hit, BOOM electricity

Why is it unsafe to be on or near water during an electrical storm?

Water conducts electricity. You can be electrocuted.

What is eletrical storm?

A storm accompanied by lightning (electrical discharge) is called an electrical storm.

What is a streams discharge?

a streams discharge is the excess water from a storm or melted snow.

How did Benjamin Franklin proved that lightning is an electrical discharge?

well the story is that he seemed to have got a kite and went into some horrible storm and got shocked by a volt of electricity.

Who was the first person to experiment with electricity?

The first person to experiment with electricity was bengimen franklin he whent out side during a storm and tied a key to a kite the string prouduced the electricity to shock him

What happens in a storm?


How does Earth get electricity?

Natural electricity is generated in storm clouds.

How can a battery powered radio help you stay safe during a storm?

because it doesn't require electricity from an outlet

What causes lightning during a thunder storm?

Static electricity - caused by the ground and the cloud developing opposite charges.

What causes an electric storm?


What special thing did Ben Franklin do?

He discovered electricity by flying a kite with a key attached during an electrical storm. I think.

When did Benjamin Franklin descover electricity?

Benjamin Franklin discovered the effects of electricity when he flew his kite during a storm in 1752. While flying his kite lightning struck the kite.

What is the visible electrical discharge produced by thunder storm?


What is the visible electrical discharge produced by a thunder storm?


What is the visible electrical discharge from a storm cloud called?


Is water a good conductor of heat and electricity?

Water is not a very good conductor of heat but electricity is a different story. Water especially salt water is a great conductor of electricity. So no swimming during a lighting storm.

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