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I believe what you're referring to is Lepromatous Leprosy. Or "Pretty Leprosy". It has the ability to make people look younger than they are.

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It is called congenital growth-hormone condition, and it is a growth hormone deficiency.

Are you serious? If you find out what this disease is, I know several people (including myself) who would love to have it!

There ARE diseases that make people look very old, but I don't think there's any disease that makes you look young!


Yes indeed there are diseases that make you look young, People can look like a child but really be 33 years old. My aunt had it and she did not die because of it, most people think that means you will die faster. You will not die faster and this disease is not common at all. It is very rare to have it. If you have ever seen the movie the Orphan at the beginning they are right, they said " This is not based off a real story but the disease she has is. Few people have this disease but it is possible."(

Momo2828: no this person is wrong, the disease Ester had in The Orphan was a growth hormone deficiency, or a form of dwarfism. The disease you are asking about makes you look younger then they really are, 2 days ago i hear on MTV that Justin Bieber had the disease and that he is really 33 years old, then later on i heard he was actually his real age(16) but the disease made him look like a 12 year old hyppothetically.

Funnily enough there is a programme on TV tomorrow night in Britain about something similar. It is when the pubertal hormones do not kick in and the person does not get any secondary sexual characteristics, including, no breasts for women, no enlargement of the genitals for men, no pubic/underarm hair, no acne.


My friend had chrones' or chrons disease and he looked like he was 14 when he was 20. ______________________________________________________________________________________

yes there is a thing that Andy milinakes (i know i spelled it wrong) and Jason earles have ... they are both 30 somthin

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Q: What is the disease that makes you look young?
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Disease that makes you look young?

There are no diseases that make you look younger but I have heard of one that makes you look older

What is name of disease that makes a young person look old?


What disease does Jason earles have?

He doesn't have a disease, just great genes! no its a disease it doesn't mean its bad it congenial growth hormone that makes him look 17 and he'll always look like that kinda like the disease that makes look old very young but reversed

Does Ralph Macchio have a disease?

Yes it makes him look young and he hits puberty in his late 20s it's probably the Italian skin

What is the name of the disease that makes you look older?


What is the name of the disease that makes you look like a tree?

hip virus causing this disease

What is a disease called that makes you look younger like a little girl but you are older?

Progeria is a disease that is like this.

What is the disease that makes you look younger?

Hypoparathyroidism.I first heard of it in Orphan.

What disease makes you look like a child when you are actually older?


What is the disease that makes you look old?

Progeria is one, there are a number of them though.

What is the name of the disease kids are born with that makes them look like old people?

the disease isprogeria syndrome its makes the infant appear old in some matter

Why does Jason Earles look young for his age?

He has a disease, which causes him to look younger than his real age. He is 32 or something like that.. That disease is called Congenital Growth Hormone Disease. Hope this helped.

What is the disease that makes babies look old?

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

What is the disease called that makes you look older or younger than you really are?


Is there a disease that makes a man look like a monkey?

Yes, it is called Goriliatia.

Why does Jason Earles look so young?

He has a disease called Congenital Growth Hormone Insufficiency

What illness makes you look healthy and tanned by bronzing the face and hands?

Addison's disease

Why do starving children sometimes look like they are fat if they are starving?

If you don't have enough protein in your diet then you get a disease called 'kwashiorkor'. The disease makes their stomach's swell.

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Cooties is an American disease that is fictional. It is akin to an urban legend among young American children.

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Yes he Does, He has A disorder, that is ver,very rare . It causes someone to look very young, and he does not look his age. you can't really describe it though ,

What disease makes you repeat yourself?

parkinson disease

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What is the disease that make young people look old?

Progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome to give it it's full name.

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