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What is the dish network remote control code for apex digital tv?


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Try these remote codes: 743, 744, 745, 757.

If these do not work, call Dish Network they will be happy to assist you.


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To program your remote you have to search for the local channels in your area.

The codes we have available for Apex are listed below! Codes: 745, 743, 757, 111, 744, 815, 500, 814

Use APEX Digital codes. For Dish Hopper remote, second one worked for me - 2397.

At this time, there is only 1 code for an Apex TV/DVD player. That code is 757. There are a few regular TV codes you can also try if that one doesn't work. These codes are: 745, 743, 595.

I just had At&t U-Verse installed 1/31/13. The tech who installed our system could not get the remote code to work with Apex digital TV. Finally found a code that works, try 1400. i was so stoked that i called the tech who provided the install. Hope this helps.

Apex Digital's population is 50.

What is the remote code for Apex TV model GT2015DV CN1202 for a Universal remote

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Here are the codes for APEX TVs: 757, 744, 595, 118, 743, 618, or 005.Here are the instructions for programming the remote to you TV:Address Remote to TV/Other DevicesWhile at the device location (TV, etc), point the remote at the device. Press and hold the device button on the remote (TV, Aux, etc). - All four mode buttons should light upEnter the three-digit remote control code - The mode button (TV, Aux, etc.)you selected should light upPress the Pound (#) button - The mode button you are programming should flash three timesPress the large, red POWER button - The device should turn off

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I have provided the codes to program your DISH remote to your Apex TV. The codes are: 757, 744, 595, 118, 743, 618Instructions for programming your remote to your TV.Remotes: Basic (Television Only)Turn the Television On.Press and hold the TV Power button for three seconds until the LED flashes.Enter the three-digit code using the buttons on the number pad.Press #. Note: The LED will flash three times.Test functionality with the TV.Return to Step 2 if the remote is not able to turn the TV On/Off, change the volume and mute the are as follows 654,655,743,744,757I just programmed my Dish remote to model LD4068 using the code 156. I just subtracted the 10 off of the beginning of the remote codes that were listed for the Direct tv codes, those are normally fillers, same as comcast does.

-- TWICE, 1/10/2009 10:13:00 AM Las Vegas โ€” Apex Digital, a provider of LCD TVs, portable media devices, solar-powered lights and digital set-top boxes, has teamed up with Zilog, a supplier of embedded control solutions, to develop the Apex Connect Home Controller. The device, slated for March 1 availability with a suggested retail price of $149.99, provides customized control of home audio/video products and a variety of devices that use Insteon or Z-Wave technology for lights, blinds and thermostats. With the Apex Connect Home Controller, a browser-based smartphone, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC or PDA can be turned into a comprehensive home controller via an existing wireless network in the home. The controller, which features learning functionality to teach and control other IR-based controllers, is based on Zilog's Crimzon Connects technology.

Ancle Hsu cofounded Apex Digital in 1999 and served as its vice chairman. Apex was the largest manufacturer and marketer of DVD home entertainment players in the United States and was a fast-growing supplier of analog and digital television sets

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