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What is the distance between Oahu and big island?

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Can you see the big island from Oahu?

You cannot see the big island from oahu.

How long is the flight between Oahu and the Big Island?

About 45 minutes.

Is Honolulu on the Big Island?

No, it is on Oahu.

Distance between Maui and the Big iSLAND?

The distance between Maui and the Big Island is 96.8 miles. Traveling by boat from Maui to the Big Island is one of the most dangerous channels in Hawaii.

Is Honolulu called the big island?

No, Honolulu is a city on Oahu. Hawaii is known as the Big Island.

Which is the Hawaiian Islands is the farthest south Hawaii Maui or Oahu?

The Big Island.The Big Island of Hawaii.

Is Honolulu also called The Big Island?

No, Honolulu is a city on Oahu. The Big Island is named Hawaii.

How far is it from Kona to Oahu?

The air distance from Kailua-Kona, North Kona District, on Hawaii's Big Island, to Honolulu, Oahu, is 163 miles. That equals 262 kilometers or 142 nautical miles.

Is Oahu the largest of the Hawaiian Islands?

No. The Big Island is the largest.

What is farthest south HawaiiMauior Oahu?

The Big Island of Hawaii.

Is Oahu the big island?

No, Hawaii is.

What Island is in Hawaii?

There are 6 :Kauai, the Big Island, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui.

Why is the biggest island in Hawaii call Honolulu?

The biggest island in hawaii is NOT called Honolulu.Honolulu is the State Capitol of Hawaii. The biggest island is called Hawaii, but most people call it the Big Island. Honolulu is the name of a city (and its county) on the island of Oahu. Oahu is much smaller that The Big Island. Somewhat confusingly, the biggest island in the State of Hawaii is officially called The Island of Hawaii. To avoid confusion it is also named The Big Island. This "biggest island" is between six and seven times bigger than the island of Oahu, which contains Honolulu.Honolulu is the State Capital (not Capitol) of Hawaii.

How far is Pearl Harbor from the big island?

Pearl Harbor is on the southern part of the Island of Oahu. From Tip to Tip Oahu is roughly 150 miles to the large Island of Hawaii.

Where is the big city in Hawaii?

If, when you say big city, you mean honolulu, then it is on the island of Oahu

Distance between big island and kauai?

100 miles

How far is waikoloa from Honolulu?

Waikoloa is on another island!!!!! Big island while Honolulu is on Oahu!!!!

Which three countries are located on Hawaii island and the big island?

Pearl Harbor, Oahu, and Hawaii

Which hawaiian island is farthest south maui Oahu?

The big island of Hawaii is furthest south.

Which Hawaiian Island is furthest south Hawaii Maui or Oahu?

The island of Hawaii, also known as The Big Island.

Which island in Hawaii is good to travel?

oahu or the island of hawaii (known to us locals as "da big island")

Major Cities Of Hawaii?

honolulu, oahu. kona, big island. hilo, big island. kahului, maui. pakala, kauai.

How big is the island of Oahu?

Oahu is 44 miles long, 30 miles wide, 112 miles around, and is the third-largest island in the Hawaiian chain of 132 isles.

Which is farther south hawaii or oahu?

Hawaii is Big Island and it is further south than Oahu. The whole group is also called the hawaii islands, but within the group Big Island is called Hawaii and it has the most southern point of USA

Which is the largest island of the Hawaiian group?

Of the eight main islands comprising the state of Hawaii (Kahoolawe, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Niihau, Oahu, and the "Big Island" of Hawaii), the island of Hawaii is the largest and Oahu has the largest population.