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How many distance is the penalty area from goal line?

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Q: What is the distance between the penalty area line and the goal line?
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What is the distance from the penalty spot to the goal on a football pitch?

Ther is a distance of 12 yards (11 metres) between the penalty spot and the goal line.

Distance of player on a goal kick?

All opponents must be outside of the penalty area when the goal kick is taken. No player may touch the ball again until it has left the penalty area or the goal kick is retaken.

What distance is the penalty spot in Futsal?

The penalty spot is 6 meters from the center of the goal, centered at the top of the penalty area. There is a second penalty spot that is 10 meters from the center of the goal, and this is used for the sixth and subsequent accumulated foul in the same half of the game.

What box is the 18 yard box in soccer?

The so-called "18-yard box" is properly called the Penalty Area. It is 44 yards wide (left and right) and 18 yards deep (from the goal line toward midfield, and the origin of the nickname). The Penalty Area contains the Goal Area (the "six-yard box") and the Penalty Mark (12 yards from the center of the goal, or halfway between the edges of the goal area and penalty area lines). Attached to the Penalty Area is an arc (the "Penalty Arc") that forms that part of a 10-yard circle from the Penalty Mark which lies outside of the Penalty Area. This arc is not part of the Penalty Area; it just indicates where players cannot be during a penalty kick.

What is the half circle in fronk of the penelty area for?

All players, except the penalty taker must be at least 10 yards away from the penalty spot when the penalty is taken. As the Penalty Area extends 18 yards from the goal line, and the Penalty Spot is 12 yards from the goal line, the distance from the Penalty Spot to the edge of the Penalty Area can be as little as 6 Yards. The Arc - not half circle - marks the area outside the Penalty Area, that is within 10 yards of the Penalty Spot, and therefore outside which players must be when the penalty is taken

How many square meters is a football penalty area?

Goal width = 16.5 m Distance from goalpost to each edge = 16.5 m Width of penalty area = 3 * 16.5 = 49.5 m Depth of penalty area = 16.5 m Area of penalty area = 49.5 * 16.5 = 816.75 m2

In soccer how far away is the penalty mark from the goal mark?

The distance from the goal line to the penalty mark should be 12 yards.

May an indirect free kick be awarded in the penalty area?

An indirect free kick may be awarded in the penalty area. It is not promoted to a penalty kick. If it is in the goal area, the kick location must be moved away from the goal line to the top of the goal area (6 yards out).

What is the difference between goal box and penalty box in soccer?

The goal box is where you kick the ball past the goalie to score a goal for your team. The penalty box in soccer occurs around the18 yard area and is just before the goal line. It can result in a penalty kick if the ball goes here.

What are the boxes by the goal called in soccer?

The small one is the goal area. The large one is the penalty area.

What is the dimensions of the penalty box arc on a soccer field?

It is an arc, with a radius of 10 yards, centered on the penalty mark. It is drawn outside of the penalty area only and it's endpoints are on the top edge of the penalty area, 18 yards out from the goal line. It's maximum perpendicular distance from the top edge of the penalty area is 4 yards.

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