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What is the distance form the north of Australia to the south via the East Coast?

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Cairns to Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne to Portland is about 2600 miles.

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What is the distance in miles from the North Coast in the US to the South Coast?

The distance in miles from the North Coast in the US to the South Coast is about 320 miles. This is equivalent to 510 kilometers.

What is the greatest distance north to south across Australia?

The greatest distance north to south across Australia is about 3,700 km.

What is the distance in Kilometers from the North coast to the south coast of England?

1400 km, 870miles

In what part of Australia is Fingal in?

North coast of New South Wales

What is china's distance from north to south?

it has an 18,000 kilometer coast line

Where is the Great Barrier Reef north or south?

It is off the Eastern coast of Australia.

What is the distance in miles from the East Coast of Puerto Rico to the West Coast?

The distance in miles from the East Coast of Puerto Rico to its West Coast is about 110 miles. The distance from its North and South Coasts is about 40 miles.

What is the distance across the Australian mainland in killometers travelling north-south?

From north to south, it is more than 8000 kilometers across Australia. The country of Australia is nearly 3,000,000 square miles.

What is the width of Australia from coast to coast?

From the most eastern point of Australia, Cape Byron in New South Wales, to the most western point of Australia, Steep Point in Western Australia, is a distance of almost 4,000km (2485 miles).

Where is 48 degrees south and 122 degrees east?

That point is in the open ocean south of Australia, about 965 miles due south of the Australian coast, and 1,290 miles north of the Antarctic coast.

What is the east coastline in Australia?

The East coastline of Australia is made up of Victoria's coast in the south then New South Wales and ending with the coast of Queensland in the north. the east coast looks onto the Pacific ocean also called the Tasman sea in this area.

Does the Indian Ocean and North and South Pacific touch the shores of Australia?

The Indian Ocean meets Australia's western coast, whilst the South Pacific meets the eastern coast.

Where is the Mediterranean forest at?

There isn't a Mediterranean Forest but it is a type of forest. you can find them in North Africa, Spain, the south coast of Africa, West of Australia and in north and south America.

How far is it from east coast to west coast US?

The US tapers from north to south. That distance varies from 2800 miles to about 2400 miles.

What is the distance from north to south in Australia?

From the most northerly point in Australia, the tip of Cape York in Queensland, to the southernmost point of the Australian mainland, Wilson's Promontory in Victoria, is 3180 km. This does not include the state of Tasmania, a large island off the southern coast of Australia.

What is the distance north and south of Georgia?

what is the distance north to south of Georgia

What part of Australia is the Gold Coast located on?

The Gold Coast of Australia is located on the Eastern ciast of Australia's mainland. It is found in southeast Queensland, just north of the border of New South Wales.

This body of water stretches from North and South America westward to Australia and the eastern coast of Asia?

Pacific Ocean

What jellyfish inhabits the coast of South Australia?

The irukandji jellyfish inhabit the coast of South Australia. They are very small and are venomous. These jellyfish also inhabit the coast of Florida.

Is Newcastle on the west or east coast of Australia?

Newcastle is located in south-east Australia on the Pacific Coast (which is the east coast).

Which state is north of South Australia?

There is no state directly north of South Australia. The Norhern Territory, which is a territory and not a state, borders South Australia to the north. To the northeast is Queensland.

What part of Australia is on top of South Australia?

The Northern Territory is the territory located directly north of the state of South Australia. It was once part of South Australia, granted to the southern colony to administer due to explorer John McDouall Stuart's successful exploration to the north coast, sponsored by South Australia. The Northern Territory was transferred to Commonwealth control in 1911, ten years after Federation of the colonies.

Is Bondi Beach on the south coast of Australia?

No, Bondi Beach is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales and is located on the east coast of Australia

Is the great Australian bight off the south coast of Australia?

Yes th Great Australian Bight is a part of the south coast of Australia.

Is the continent Australia in the north or south?

Australia is South of the equator