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How long is the flight from cincinnati OH. to San Juan Puerto Rico

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The air distance from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Cleveland, Ohio, is 1,834 miles. That equals 2,952 kilometers or 1,594 nautical miles.

From Puerto Rico to Indianapolis it is 1,893 miles.

How lonng does it take to fly from Dayton Ohio to Puerto Rico

The flight distance is approximately 2897.10km (1800 miles). The travel time is approximately 3h 50min

Puerto Rico and Ohio are in the same time zone. This means there is no time difference between the two areas.

Puerto Rico is an island a fair distance from Central America.

A flight from Ohio to Puerto Rico would take about 4 hours to complete. There is approximately 1,806 miles between the two locations.

The distance (in miles) between the US and Puerto Rico is 2,288 miles(3,682 kilometers)(1,988 nautical miles)

The flight distance from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to San Juan, Puerto Rico is 1,575 miles.

Last time I was there San Juan was in Puerto Rico, 0 (zero) miles.

The air distance from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, to Jacksonville, Florida, is 1,237 miles. that equals 1,991 kilometers or 1,075 nautical miles.

The air distance from Kyoto, Japan, to Ponce, Puerto Rico, is 8,503 miles. That equals 13,683 kilometers or 7,388 nautical miles.

the distance from the bahmas to puerto rico is approximatley how ever long the flight attendent says so get a life u dumb question askers

The distance between Puerto Rico and Hawaii is 5740.19 miles. The only way to get to either location is by plane.

The distance is about 1,000 miles.

If you are in Puerto Rico, no. If you are not in Puerto Rico, yes.

The distance in miles from the East Coast of Puerto Rico to its West Coast is about 110 miles. The distance from its North and South Coasts is about 40 miles.

The distance between Dominica West Indies and Puerto Rico is 637 kilometers. These two destinations are found on the Caribbean islands.

People can travel from Hawaii to Puerto Rico by plane in about 12 hours. There is about 5,843 miles between the two locations.

The most direct distance between Eagan, Minnesota and San Juan Puerto Rico is about 2397 miles or 3859 kilometers.

The air distance from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, to Houston, Texas, is 1,962 miles. That equals 3,158 kilometers or 1,705 sea miles.

The air distance from Caguas, Puerto Rico, to Castries, Santa Lucia, is 444 miles. That equals 714 kilometers or 385 nautical miles.