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314 miles

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Q: What is the distance from Tokyo Japan to Osaka Japan?
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Related questions

Where is Osaka Japan compared with Tokyo Japan?

Osaka is around 250 miles west of Tokyo

What is the flying time from Osaka to Tokyo?

The flight time from Osaka, Japan to Tokyo, Japan is about 30 minutes.

How long is the flight between Tokyo Japan and Osaka Japan?

A typical flight between Tokyo, Japan and Osaka, Japan would have a flying time of about 30 minutes.

How many nouns within the following sentence Although Osaka is big Tokyo is the largest city in Japan?

The nouns are Osaka, Tokyo, city, and Japan.

What is distance from Tokyo to Osaka?

403 km

Can one take a train to get to Osaka Japan from Tokyo Japan?

Not only can you take a train from Osaka to Tokyo but you can take the coolest bullet train ever. However the Shinkansen ain't cheap.

What are 3 cites in japan?

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka.

What are japan's major cites?

Nagoya, Okinawa, Tokyo, Osaka

What are three other cities in japan?

Osaka, Tokyo, and Minomiuonuma

What are the major cities of Japan?

The major cities of Japan are Tokyo,Osaka,Kobe,and Sapparo.

Train Osaka to Tokyo?

Osaka and Tokyo are two of the largest and most visited cities in Japan. You can travel between the two for approximately 180 USD on the bullet train.

Distance from Iwakuni Japan to Osaka Japan?


How much is the distance between Osaka and Tokyo?

311 miles

What is the air distance from San Diego California to Tokyo Japan?

What is the distance from San Diego California to Tokyo Japan? What is the distance from San Diego California to Tokyo Japan?

What are four major cities in Japan?

TokyoOsakaNayogaYokohamatokyo,yokphama,osaka,nago are 4 major cities in japan

What are the 2 main ports in Japan?

Tokyo and Yokohama and possibly Osaka

What is the approximate distance between Tokyo and Japan?

Tokyo is in Japan!

What are the names of the most important cities in Japan?

Tokyo ~ the capital of Japan Yokohama Osaka Kyoto Sendai

What are the best theme parks in Japan?

Universal studio in Osaka, Tokyo dome, Tokyo Disney land and tokyo Disney sea I guess😆

What are the 7 cities of japan?

Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Kagoshima,

What are the 5 biggest cities in Japan?

Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

What are 5 major cities in Japan?

Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nakasaki, Osaka, Sapporo

Is Tokyo the largest city in japan?

yes but osaka is pretty big too

Which country would you find Osaka?

Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.Osaka is in Japan.

What is the flying distance between Tokyo and Nagasaki?

The flight distance from Tokyo, Japan to Nagasaki, Japan is 600 miles.