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What is the distance from the pitcher to the batter?


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I believe it is around 60 ft, that is what they said on a telecast.


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If the pitcher hits the batter on a pitch then the batter is awarded first base. However if the batter swings at the ball and it hits her then it is a strike

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Babe Ruth Was A Pitcher When He Was On The Redsox And A Batter When He Was With The Yankees.

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my dad was the pitcher and I was the batter.

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A 70 mph pitch travels at approximately 102.6 feet per second. The distance from the pitcher to the batter is 60 feet, 6 inches. Therefore, the batter has a little less than six-tenths of a second to react.

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Yes, if the batter was retired with that 1 pitch or got on base or was hit by the pitch. In other words if that batter is no longer up or if this was not the 1st batter the pitcher has faced and the pitcher threw a strike or a ball then the manager could take him out or if the pitcher suffered an injury with that one pitch. If the pitcher comes into a game and throws only one pitch and the batter is still up and there is no injury to the pitcher, then the pitcher must pitch to the batter till he is retired or reaches base on a hit, walk, error, fielders choice, etc.

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