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Q: What is the distance of Washington's Monument from the US Capitol Building?
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What is the distance from The Lincoln Monument to The Capitol Building?

From the steps to the steps is 1.9 miles, or 3 km.

How far is it from the Washington Monument to the National Capitol Building?

The Washington Monument is 1.2 miles west of the U.S. Capitol Building. The Washington Monument is located in about the middle of the National Mall, and the Capitol Building is at the Mall's eastern end.

Where is the entrance to the Washington monument?

At the base on the side facing the capitol building,

What is the long strip between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument called?

The National Mall is the name of the long strip between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. It is administered by the National Park Service.

What is the long green space between the Capitol and the Washington Monument called?

This mostly grassy space is part of the National Mallwhich stretches from the US Capitol building (Congress) west to the Lincoln Memorial, with the Washington Monument roughly in the center.

Is Capitol Hill a hill or is it a monument?

well... Its a government monument I guess..

Is the Washington Monument taller then the us capital?

The actual monument is taller than the actual Capitol, but the Capitol is on top of Capitol Hill. Therefore, the US capital is higher in the air than the Washington Monument. No buildings in DC are allowed to be higher than the Capitol on top of Capitol Hill.

What is the name of the capitol building in Wyoming?

The name of the state capitol building in Cheyenne, Wyoming is "Wyoming State Capitol" or "Wyoming State Capitol Building".

What are some of the landmarks in Washington DC?

Some landmarks include the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Capitol Building.

Where capitol moved during washingtons terms?

washington d.c

What is the monument at the Washington Capitol?

The monument at the Washington Capitol is an obelisk which commemorates the first president of the US, George Washington. It was officially opened in 1988.

What is the park between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument called?

The green space is the National Mall, which also includes the area west of the Washington Monument including the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial.

Where was the capitol building from 1789-1790?


Who works in the capitol building?

the united states involve the capitol building

Where is the Texas capitol building?

The capitol (building) is in the capital (city), which is Austin.

What national monument looks like a muffin?


How many steps from the Washington monument to the capitol?


Where is the US Capitol?

The US Capitol building is in Washington, DC. It is the building where Congress meets.(the capitol is a building, while the capital is a city)

How old is the Capitol Building in Harrisburg?

The current Capitol building was completed in 1906.

How many floors is the capitol building?

There are 5 floors in the U.S. Capitol Building.

When was Capitol Records Building created?

Capitol Records Building was created in 1956.

When was Capitol Theater Building created?

Capitol Theater Building was created in 1925.

When was Old Capitol Building created?

Old Capitol Building was created in 1892.

What is the most beautiful state capitol building in US?

Minnesota State Capitol Building....designed by Cass Gilbert. Beats the US Capitol Building!

What is the distance between the Lincoln Memorial and the capital?

The walking distance from the fountain on the West side of the Capitol Building to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, walking on the North side of the pebbled path of the National Mall, and taking the outter paths of the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial, it is 2.31 miles.