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About 69.1 miles.

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Why is the distance between each degree of latitude greater than the distance between each degree of longitude?

At the equator, a degree of longitude is the same distance as a degree of latitude. One minute of latitude is equal to one nautical mile, so one degree equals 60 nautical mile. As you go north or south, the lines of longitude converge, coming together at the poles. So the distance (in nautical miles) of one degree of longitude is equal to 60 times the cosine of the latitude.

What is the distance of degree of latitude?

1 degree of latitude represents a distance of about 69.1 miles along the surface.

How many meter in a toposheet make one degree?

That would depend if you are looking at degrees of latitude or degrees of longitude. One degree of longitude represents less distance nearer the poles than it does at the equator. One degree of latitude represents the same distance anywhere on earth.

What is the distance of 40 degree latitude south?

40° of latitude on the Earth's surface is a distance of about 2,762 miles.

What is the distance on earth of 1 degree latitude?

For 1 degree of latitude, figure on 68.94 miles / 110.95 kilometers.

How far is 1 degree latitude?

One decimal degree in latitude represents a distance of 111.2 km or 69 miles on the surface of the planet. The length of 1 minute of latitude (1/60 degree) is 1.853 km or 1.15 miles.

How wide is one degree of latitude?

The width of one degree of latitude depends on the location. At the equator on degree is 68.71 miles. At latitude 40 degrees, one degree is 68.99 miles. At latitude 80 degrees, one degree is 69.38 miles.

What does one degree of latitude equal?

at the equator one degree of latitude is 68.7 miles

What is themeaning of latitude?

In geography, it is the angular distance in degrees north or south of the equator.(the Equator has a latitude of 0o) The distance of a degree of latitude is about 69 miles

How far apart is one degree of latitude?

One degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles (111 km) apart. However, since the Earth is a oblate ellipsoid (slightly egg-shaped), the distance between a degree of longitude varies by a small range.

Nautical miles in one degree of longitude?

The lines of longitude radiate out from the poles. At their point of origin, i.e. at 90o latitude, there is no distance at all between the lines! However, at latitude 89o, very near the poles, the distance between the respective 'one degree' lines of longitude is about one nautical mile. At latitude 48.37o the distance along the line of latitude is 40 nautical miles And a 1o longitude difference along the equator (0o latitude) represents a distance of about 60.1 nautical miles. For calculator, see Related links below this box

One degree of latitude is equal to how many kilometers?

One degree of latitude is equal to about 111.1 kilometers.

When you are at one of the poles on earth how many miles is each degree?

-- Each degree of latitude, anywhere on Earth, is about 69 miles in a north or south direction. -- Each degree of longitude covers a different distance, depending on the latitude. At the poles, any number of degrees of longitude cover zero distance.

What is the distance between latitude lines?

AnswerThere is no standard set of "lines", and no standard distance between them. A 'line' can be drawn at any latitude, or not.One degree of latitude represents about 111.1 km or 69 statute miles,regardless of how many lines are or are not drawn in it.

Does the linear distance corresponding to 1 degree of longitude equal 1 degree of latitude?

Only at the equator. The linear distance covered by 1 degree of longitude gets progressively smaller as you progress towards the poles, but 1 degree of latitude remains constant.

What distance is represented by one second of latitude. 60 minutes for each degree?

one minute of latitude is approximately 1.15 miles (1.853 km). You can just divide that by 60 to get the distance for one second and multiply 60 to get 60 minutes.

What is the approximate distance between each degree of latitude?

111.12 km

Does a degree of latitude covers less distance in polar regions than at the equator?

No, the distance of latitude is constant regardless of whether it is at the polar regions or the equator.

How many seconds does one degree of latitude equal to?

Since there are 60 minutes in one degree, and 60 seconds in one minute, there are 3,600 seconds in one degree of latitude !

How many miles are in one degree of latitude?

The number of miles in one degree of latitude depends on how far you are from the equator.

What distance is represented by one minute of latitued 60 minutes for each degree?

One minute of latitude represents 1 nautical mile

What is one degree of latitude equal to in nautical miles?

One degree of latitude equals 60 nautical miles. One minute of latitude equals 1 nautical mile.

How many minutes of map distance are there in a degree of latitude?

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What is distance per degree longitude at 10 degrees latitude in kilometers?

about 109.4

How many degrees is one mile?

One degree is 69.11 statute miles, corresponding to0.01147 degree (52.1 seconds) per mile.BUT ...This is true for latitude anywhere on Earth, but it's only true for longitudealong the equator.All meridians ("lines") of longitude meet and merge at the north and southpoles. So as you get farther from the equator, one degree of longitude marksless distance.For longitude anywhere on Earth . . .Distance for one degree = 69.11 miles times cosine(latitude) .Degrees per mile = 0.01447 divided by cosine(latitude) .