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It can mean welfare or a handout.

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Where do dole bananas come from?

Dole bananas come from the Dole company

Till now we are not a friend?

Bob dole like your style bob dole,bob dole . Bob dole

Did Bob Dole and Elizabeth Dole divorce?

Bob or Robert the same people and Elizabeth Dole did NOT get a divorce.

Who is Elizabeth Dole?

Elizabeth Dole is a senator in US.

What is the area of Nevy-lรจs-Dole?

The area of Nevy-lès-Dole is 7,010,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Lavans-lรจs-Dole?

The area of Lavans-lès-Dole is 10.27 square kilometers.

What is the area of Villette-lรจs-Dole?

The area of Villette-lès-Dole is 4,590,000.0 square meters.

Amount of dole money in 1930s?

dole money is a piece of

Where are Dole bananas grown?

Dole bananas come from Ecuador

What is dole?

"Dole" can refer to money or unemployment benefits from the government.

Is senator bob dole related to James dole?


When did George Dole die?

George Dole died in 1928.

When was George Dole born?

George Dole was born in 1885.

When did Dole Chadee die?

Dole Chadee died in 1999.

When did Bill Dole die?

Bill Dole died in 1966.

How tall is Amanda Dole?

Amanda Dole is 5' 6".

How tall is Jessica Dole?

Jessica Dole is 5' 5".

When was University of Dole created?

University of Dole was created in 1422.

When did Vincent Dole die?

Vincent Dole died in 2006.

When was Vincent Dole born?

Vincent Dole was born in 1913.

Can you grow a dole banana from a banana?

You cannot grow a Dole banana from another banana because Dole is a brand of bananas.

Does Elizabeth Dole have children?

Elizabeth Dole had no known birth children. She had a step daughter named Robin that she parented with Bob Dole.

What nicknames does Elizabeth Dole go by?

Elizabeth Dole goes by Liddy.

When did Elizabeth Dole get married?

Elizabeth Hanford married Bob Dole in 1972.

Who were the parties in the case of South Dakota vs dole?

South Carolina and Dole.