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Q: What is the dot's language in Pokemon sapphire and ruby version?
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How do you tranlate the dots in Pokemon Sapphire?

by looking one youtube or order the Pokemon ruby and sapphire guide book

How do you find the Pokemon with the 6 dots?

There is no 1 Pokemon with 6 dots, there are 4, but there are only 3 in ruby Sapphire and emerald. The 3 are called, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel.

Where are the six dots that open three doors in pokemon sapphire?

they are brail letters. you can look up brail letters online.

What are all these dots on LeafGreen?

Those dots might be Braille. Some "codes" on the Pokemon games are in that language, which is commonly used by blind people.

How do you get a sapphire shard in castaway isle of the titans 2?

you basically look for yellow dots on the map. the yellow dots are iron ores and/or sapphire shards. you have to attack the dome like structure to get it.

What are the dots in the underwater cave for in route 134 sapphire?

They say to dive at that spot then with a Pokemon that knows dig use dig after reading the wall in the chamber then with a relicanth last and wailord first look at the dots at the last room and you will open the regis tomb's.

What is braille language in Pokemon Emerald?

Braille is the language for the blind. The series of dots are felt by the person and the feelings become letters. Braille is commonly used in Pokemon as a brain-teaser to open up certain areas in the game or reach certain pokemon.

I how do you open the second seal of chambers on Pokemon sapphire?

Well first if you have gotten into the first chamber it is easy all you have to do is have a Pokemon thet knows dig and use it in the middle of the dots and if you have relicanth and wailord put relicanth in first and wailord in last and press a on the last dots you will open the door to the regis. by Dean Jones

How do you get inside steel doors to get the Sapphire plate in leafgreen?

All the sets of dots are Braille Have a Pokemon use cut on the doors to get in. Follow the hole path up, left, right, down to "reach" the sapphire. A man will appear and take it so you need to face him in the now accessible rocket warehouse.

Where can you find sapphire in Pokemon LeafGreen?

well heres what you got to do u go to the gate that's sealed with dots in the tabony ruins i think its on island 6and use HM cut and the the door will suprisely open

How do you open the caves of the regis in sapphire?

the dots on the walls are braille so search on web to learn it

Pokemon emerald how to read doted language?

The dotted language in Pokemon Emerald is Braille. Braille is an alphabet of raised bumps or dots than can be read by the blind via touch. The Braille can be easily translated using a printed Braille Alphabet sheet as it perfectly translates into English.