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A student’s clothing and hygiene say a lot about how much a student respects
him/herself and the school, so students must consider the following
information when making clothing choices. Students are expected to be clean,
well groomed, and dressed in a modest manner that does not distract them
or others from learning. If a student’s appearance or clothing calls undue
attention to him/herself, he/she may be sent to the office for a change of
clothing. Because all students represent the school, they must be
appropriately dressed at all school-related events.
In general, appropriate dress means that clothing is clean, safe, decent, and
does not interfere with the educational process as outlined below:
1. Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the appropriate waist level.
Pants should not drag on the floor or have unnecessary attachments.
2. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and skorts must not be more than four inches
above the knee.
3. Shoes must be worn at all times.
4. Undergarments may not be seen at any time.
5. All shirts must have sleeves, should have enough neckline to cover
cleavage, and cover the entire torso area at all times. All shirts must be
long enough to be able to be tucked in.
Items of attire which are unacceptable include, but are not limited to, the
following items: tank tops; hats; hoods worn on the head; bandanas;
sweatbands; sunglasses; chains of any kind; heavy metal jewelry; revealing
clothing; pants or shorts with words or pictures on the back side; pajama
pants or other clothing designed for sleepwear; any articles of clothing which
promote use of Alcoholic Beverages, drugs, gang activity, sexually suggestive
language, violence or inappropriate language; clothing with indecent/excessive
rips, tears or holes; trench coats. Hats, coats, and book bags are to remain
in student lockers during class time

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What is dress code for western high school?

clothes :)

Does pascagoula high school have dress code?


Does anyone know the dress code for Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee?

The dress code for Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee is smart casual.

What is the dress code for Normal High School in Normal Illinois?

It's pretty much your normal dress code.

Does butler junior high school have a dress code?

Yea i go there (:

What rules would transcendentalist not follow in high school?

Dress Code

What is the Louisville high school dress code on first day of school?

Dress uniform - gray skirt, white shirt, blazer, knee high socks, and pennyloafers.

Is there a dress code in park vista high school?

There is not a uniform policy at Park Vista High School in Florida, but they have a strict dress code which is posted on their web site. Jewelry and offensive and suggestive clothing is not allowed

Is the Prom dress allowed to break school dress code?

No, it's a school event, which means school dress code.

Do high schools have school unifroms?

Depending on the school they may have a uniform, free dress but with colour guidelines and various other guidelines or free dress with a dress code.

What is dress code for Olympic Heights Community High School?

5'11 and above.

What is renaissance high school dress code?

khaki and burgany.white shirt or skirt

Do you agree of stricly dress code in high school?

Well, I believe in a strict dress code. I don't think we should wear uniforms, though.

What is the dress code for butler junior high school in butler pa?

There's no dress code, just make sure your shorts and skirts aren't too short.

Arguments on middle school dress code?

yes they do not need a dress code

Does Bructon Mills School in WV have a dress code?

I go to Bruceton School and they have no dress code only limits.

What percentage of Americans graduate high school where their school has a dress code policy that states you must wear a school uniform?

no schools no schools

What are the uniforms that you have to wear in G Holmes Braddock high School?

you can easily go onto the website and look for the school dress code

What is the dress code for school children?

They vary from school to school.

What is the airport code for Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport?

The airport code for Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport is FNL.

What was the school dress code in 1920?

depended on the school

Are you allowed to show up naked to a school with no dress code?

Yes if there is no dress code then you can not get in trouble.

What are there legal documents on student dress code?

That would be explained in the school handbook under dress code.

Does The Bahamas have a dress code for school?

Yes.all depending on the school

How can the public stop schools from creating more and more demanding dress codes?

In reality dress code in schools are not as strict as they once were. When I was in high school girls couldn't wear pants or shorts to school. Boys had to have dress pants and shirts. No Teeshirts were allowed or sports gear. If students want to change a dress code they need to go to the administrator and school board.