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About 1,165 road miles.


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Raleigh Durham is not a place. They are two separate and distinct cities located 20 miles apart. The term Raleigh-Durham is reserved for the airport, RDU. Having said that, the driving distance between Durham and Asheville is about 230 miles. The driving distance between Raleigh and Asheville is about 250 miles.

The distance is about 70km and it's a 1 hour drive.

The driving distance between Durham NC and Washington VA is about 265 road miles.

The distance between Durham, NC, and Athens, GA, is 338 miles and will take approximately 5 Hours 35 Minutes of driving time.

The driving distance from Boca Raton, FL, USA to Durham, NC, USA is 786.6mi / 1266km

Given is the calculated distance as well as the driving travel time, which does not take into account driving conditions, traffic, etc. The distance between Durham, North Carolina and Temple Hills, Maryland is 259 miles. The resulting travel time is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.

It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to drive from Durham County, UK to Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. The driving distance is 85.3 miles.

This is an approximate driving distance. The actual driving distance may differ according to the path chosen. The distance mentioned between the above mentioned places is 263.47mi

The driving distance between Tallahassee, FL and Raleigh, NC is approximately 615 miles. The driving time would be approximately 10 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as weather, road work and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)

The driving distance from Durham, UK to Leicester, UK is 172.05mi / 276.88km

The distance between Durham, England and Atlanta, Georgia is 4100 miles (6599 km).

the distance between Tel Aviv and Durham NC is 6079 miles (9782 km)

274 miles to the airport, which is roughly halfway between the two towns.

The driving distance is about 270 road miles. Driving time is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

The distance between the starting point and the destination is 423mi, (681km), and will take approximately 6 hours 39 minutes of driving time.

The flight distance from Raleigh-Durham International Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport is 427 miles. The driving distance is 516 miles.

274 miles to the airport, which is roughly halfway between the two towns.

The driving distance from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, 2400 John Brantley Boulevard, Morrisville, NC 27560, USA to Asheville, NC, USA is 236.83mi / 381.14km

The shortest driving distance is 158 miles.

The shortest driving distance is 33.8 miles.

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