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What is the driving distance between Vancouver bc and Dawson city?


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1915 miles about 3000 kilos..... go dease lake highway not alaska highway


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The total driving distance from Whitehorse, Canada to Dawson Creek, Canada is 872 miles or 1,403 kilometers.

The driving distance from Whitehorse to Dawson City is 538 km/333 miles.

The driving distance from Whitehorse, Canada to Dawson City, Canada is 332 miles / 534 km

Dawson Creek is named after George Dawson who was on a land survey team in the late 1800's. But I suspect you mean Vancouver, named after George Vancouver who explored the Pacific North West of North America. We also named a rather large Island after him, Vancouver Island.

The majority of modeling agencies in the BC area are located in Vancouver.

This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen. The distance between the two places in miles is: 2703

It is 339.84 miles according to MapQuest.

87 miles taking this route:Take I-35 SOUTH (towards WACO), from Dallas, to SH-171 to CORSICANA off EXIT 368A in Hillsboro; turn left off the exit ramp onto SH-171 EAST to CORSICANA.Take SH-171 EAST to SH-31, and turn left onto SH-31 EAST to CORSICANA.Take SH-31 EAST to Dawson.

It is 1,934 kilometers according to Google Maps.

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Approximately 1,165km / 725 miles using BC-99 N, Cariboo Hwy/BC-97 N and BC-97 N.

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