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Q: What is the earlest age that a male Persian cat can effectively breed?
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What is the earlest age a Persian male can breed effectively?

6 months old

When does a female Persian cat breed?

when it comes into season and is mated with a male cat

What breed of cat is Crookshanks in Harry Potter?

Crookshanks is half-cat, half-kneazle. His breed was not mentioned in the books. In the movie, Crookshanks is played by a male persian cat.

Can you breed a Maltese male dog to a Persian female cat?

No, cats and dogs are two separate species and cannot mate.

When is a male Persian cat on heat?

A male Persian will never be on heat, this only happens to females.

Can you breed your male Milotic to get a baby feebas Milotic what Pokemon do you breed it with?

You have to breed with a ditto if it is a male

Need a female Persian cat for breeding in Mumbai?

hv a 5 month old pure breed female persian on heat foe the first time.looking for a pure persian male cat for mating.color is white n for details 9699087505

Can you breed a male PokΓ©mon with a male PokΓ©mon?

no you cant breed male and male. only a ditto and a male, or male and female of the same pokemon

Can two leopard geckos from the same male breed?

Yes two leopard geckos can breed from the same male and you can also breed them to the male

Why wont a male guppy breed?

It takes a male and a female to breed. A male can't do much by himself.

How do you breed a male Pokemon?

Breed it with Ditto.

Does a female guppy need a male to breed?

Yes, you must have a male and female to breed.

How do you breed a seahorse?

you cant breed a seahorse

Can you breed Charizard?

Yes, breed a male and female Charizard, or breed a female Charizard with a Ditto. Yes, breed a male and female Charizard, or breed a female Charizard with a Ditto.

What is the Average height of a Persian male?

The average height of the Persian male is between 5 feet 5 inches tall and 5 feet 8 inches tall. The Persian male are known of being of average height.

Can female yabbies breed without a male?

No. A female yabby needs a male yabby to breed.

Is a stallion a breed?

No, a stallion is a male horse, more specifically one that can breed.(as opposed to a gelding, or castrated male, who cannot breed)

How do emperor penguins live and breed?

they breed by humping there male

What do you get when you breed skitty and wailord in Pokemon?

If you breed a female Skitty and a male Wailord then you get a Skitty but if you breed a female Wailord and a male Skitty then you'll get a Wailmer.

What is a buck male goat?

He is a male goat of any breed.

How old does a miniature male poodle have to be to breed?

It will be healthy to let your male dog be in to breed in the age of 2 years

How do you breed Pokemon on Pokemon saphire?

In order to breed Pokémon in Sapphire you either have to breed a female with a compatible male Pokémon or either female or male can breed with a Ditto like a female Treecko could breed with a male Mudkip or Whismur.

What is the breed geilding?

A gelding is not a breed. It is a male horse that has been castrated.

How do you breed a pikachu?

A male pikachu can breed with a ditto or a female pikachu

How do you breed sudowoodo?

If it's a male, you leave it at the daycare with a ditto, and it will breed