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The earliest is from 8-12 wks, but that is called the quickening. You really start to feel the baby kick when you are about 16-20 wks pregnant.


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No you can only feel it in your stomach!

in the bottom of your stomach it should kick all over you stomach

i was told it was self defense when i touch my baby mommas belly.

You don't make the baby kick. It will kick when it's ready and when it wants to.

They can kick there or you can feel it in your rib cage.

YES when my mom was 22 weeks pregnant she said her baby felt like it was doing sumersalts in her stomach.

i have a sack in my stomach but no baby

The baby is mostly active starting around 4months, when you will feel like there are bubbles or butterflies dancing in your stomach. These kicks get harder as days pass.

our baby was born at thirty two weeks with gastroschisis that is the earliest that we know of

if you got a baby im a kick yo ass if you got a baby im a kick yo ass

yes and no cause if you have a miscarriage then you don't but otherwise no not possible!! A baby is never in the stomach. It is in the uterus and that makes the belly protrude. The stomach is full of stomach acid.

The baby is not in the stomach and would certainly die if it were. The baby is in the womb and yes they do die sometimes

The baby is never in the stomach. He/she is in the uterus, which is separate to the stomach. See the related link for a picture of the baby and his/her rough position at 10 weeks.

Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby move.

No it can't. <><><><> An unborn baby is actually carried in the womb, not the stomach.

im only 8 weeks pregnant, and i feel little bumps in my stomach, i was wondering if they are just muscle spasms, or if it is the baby It cannot be the baby because the babies limbs have not yet developed to kick and punch your stomach from the inside. Probably, muscle spasms caused by your heightened emotional state :P Good Luck!!

nine months a baby stays in a womens stomach

how long does a baby shark have to stay in the mothers stomach.

You parents can kick you out at any age. You also need to remember that the baby means nothing. Your baby is your responsibility, not theirs. You cannot use your baby to "anchor" in their home.

A baby isn't made in a stomach, It is conceived in the womb, and grows in there, via cell reproduction.

For a baby to get in your stomach you would have to swallow it. A baby would grow in your UTERUS if you conceived after having intercourse, through artificial insemination or IVF.

No because if you kick the stomach the pony will get mad

The baby is alive when it is conceived

While in the womb or after he or she is born? The baby tends to kick a lot when you start approaching your third trimester. Babies that are born tend to kick often too, especially when upset or excited.

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