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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

What is the easiest way to get a nuke on MW2?



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Well the easiest way to get nuke is to have harrier strike chopper gunner of choirs nuke silent weapon like tar ACR or scar then if u r noob then camp u r good run around and kill get your harrier hide your harrier should get chopper open chopper kill as much as u can if u dont get nuke then camp :D :D :D

I think the easiest way to get the nuke on mw2 is to camp a lot cause if u are asking this question that means u probably arent that good to were you can go around killing people without dieing so camp and also have this set up as a class tar 21 silenced either your choice of shotgun or machine pistol scavenger pro if you have it stopping power pro if you have it and commando pro if you have it also you could use ninja but i recomend commando death streak doesnt matter if you are getting the nuke you wont need that but use either codycat or martydom killstreaks should be harrier chopper gunner and nuke but if you would rather use the ac130 ok but you wont get the nuke belive me it shoots to slow but it has a less chance off getting shot down. If you have a better way or are just a tenth prestige and put that just go around killing people without camping is best then i say you r stupid to think that anyone that is as good as you are would be looking at this answer so camp a lot please comment :D