What is the easiest way to get sex from your girlfriend?


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okay to get it your her boyfriend like you should know her turn ons and turn offs and the show affection but try not to make it seems like your trying to get in her pants sex is okay wen that's not all you want from her...... loves brooke :)

Answer: Be in love with her.


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be nice to them dont be nervous

sex is only difficult if you make it that way. Sex is one of the easiest thing a person can do

be nice respect them the almost easiest way to get a girl is if she's your friend

The best way to find out if your girlfriend was previously a dancer would be to ask your girlfriend. You could ask around at local gentleman's clubs, but the easiest way would be to ask her directly.

Not at all , the only way you can get into trouble is if you have sex with her. and when you do come to have sex wear a condom =)

have make up sex it makes everything better :)

Become aroused, it increases the levels of testosterone in the blood, and the easiest way to do this is to have sex, or masturbate.

Pressuring your girlfriend into sex isn't ever a good thing. If your going out with your girlfriend for the sole reason of sex, then she doesn't deserve someone like you.Maybe if you sat your girlfriend down and spoke to her about sex then she might loosen up a bit about sex.:D

Have sex Until your husband penis is broken open your shirts and bras and bikinis and pants and everything. If you want to sex contact your husband.

Simple, make her jealous. Cooobra : she doesnt even care :( ive tried that...

The easiest way to have a baby is having sex with the person you love until they're pregnant. If you have no emotions or morals, it might be easier to just steal a baby, but that would really upset the biological parents.

Probably not however if your girlfriend does not feel the same way you should not get pushy about it.

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The easiest way to tell if your girlfriend loves you is if she tells you. The better way of finding out if she really loves you though is by watching her ACTIONS. Does she show it by showering you with affection? Does she surprise you with little tiny things that mean the most?

No. You can take testosterone, but that's steroids. The easiest way to become a boy is a sex change opperation

The best way is to ask her. She owns the body and will tell you the truth.

The easiest way to die is to get hit by a bus.

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well the doggy style is the most painful n easiest way to break ur seal..

the easiest way to find out is to tell him that you do not feel ready to have sex with him. If he dumps you immediately, you know he was using you. If he is understanding and stays with you, there may be hope for your relationship yet.

The easiest way to get a girlfriend on MovieStarPlanet is to not break up with one chick to another. Word gets around and no one will want to date you so make sure you have a good reputation. Also get to know a girl before you start sending her girlfriend requests because you don't know what she is like so you will have nothing in common. Dating is supposed to be fun. Or just shout who wants to date. Thats the easiest way.

Lie. If you don't want to be straightforward about it, The easiest way it to lie. It may not be the best way, but it is the easiest. Say you are buying for your girlfriend or your mom or your sister. People won't look at you funny and you can have all the fun you want cross-dressing.

The easiest way by far is simply to wait

Have sex with his girlfriend.

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