What is the easiest way to go into a hypnotic trance?


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April 09, 2009 7:34PM

I have personally been hypnotized by a professional hypnotist. She told me anyone can be hypnotized and she has never failed to be able to hypnotize someone. You cannot do so against someone's will, nor can you make someone who is under hypnosis do anything against his or her will. When you are hypnotized you are aware of what is being said to you at the time. This a cooperative process between the hypnotist and the patient.

Putting yourself into a trance is different and one would have to learn to do so. Again having professional help makes it much easier. .

Answer A person doesn't go into a hypnotic trance without a lot of practice and many people don't succumb to being hypnotized no matter what you see on TV or at a theater.