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The ecological niche of a animal is both its "address" and its "profession". It explains where in the ecosystem you will find the animal and what it will do there.

The basical niche is described by the abiotic factors, that surround the animal. The real niche, the animal is living in is most likely much smaller as biotic factors like competition, predation and so on also play a role in defining the niche!


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an ecological niche for an wood lice is

The ecological niche for an earthworm is decomposing the soil.

The ecological niche of a bee is the earth or sex

The ecological niche of skunks is their smell, it is a stereotype.

the ecological niche of a moose would be to eat grass

An ecological niche is an organism's mode of life; it is the sub of its adaptations. (You could think about it as the organism's "profession".)

the slaters ecological niche is living in oceans mostly and in damp places eating vrabs shrimps

The three parts of an organism's ecological niche are Food, Abiotic Conditions, and Behavior.

Mammals fill many ecological niches.

A niche is an organism's role in its environment.

Lemna minor's ecological niche is primarily a photosynthesizer and producer. It grows in a thick blanket on top of ponds.

The ecological niche for a deer is that it lives in a forest its a herbivore middle of the food chain and a prey to large carnivores

spatial or habitat niche, trophic niche, and hyper volume or multidimensional niche.

The most important ecological niche of a moth is in pollination of plants.


The ecological niche of a robin is they eat worms,and live in trees they love animals because they can't be eaten by any animal.

The gazelle is one of the fastest animals on earth. It is typically found in Africa. It's ecological niche is its speed and the behavior of slotting.

Im not sure what the answer is exactly,but, an ecological niche is how(in your case)a carb makes a living... as in where does it live(how does it make a living?) and what is its job?(what does it do for a living?)

The ecological niche of a lady bug is to eat aphids. There are over 350 different species of lady bug in America.

An Ecological Nichedefines the place and role of each species in its ecosystem.

A niche is how an organism fits into its environment. It includes what it eats for food and how it behaves.

no, very similar genetic information. as you and i dont have the same genetic information do we? same ecological niche? well sorta, i wouldnt call it an ecological niche, the factors that make the niche such as temperature, humidity, host range would be the same.

The ecological niche of a pig is to provide protein for the food chain. The pork provided by pigs offers a means for sustaining human life.

The ecological niche of a peacock is that of an omnivore. They eat plant parts, flower petals, flower seeds, reptiles, amphibians, and small insects.

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