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Did the Seminole Indians have a education?


What did the Seminole Indians wear?

What did Seminole indians wear ?

What are the Seminole Indians known for?

what are the seminole know for

Who is a famous Seminole Indian?

Two famous Seminole Indians are Abiaka and Osceola. Abiaka was the seminole medicine man and Osceola was a famous warrior for the Seminole Indians.

Why were the colonists upset with the Seminole Indians?

The Seminole Indians would not give them the colonist their land.

Who were the Seminole wars fought between?

The Seminole Indians and the US.

What are the Seminole Indians?

The Seminole Indians is a tribe from northern Florida. For more information go to

Did the Seminole Indians grow crops?

Yes, the Seminole Indians did grow crops. The crops included corn and squash.

Who was the chief of the Seminole Indians in 1829?

Osceola led a Seminole uprising called the "Second Seminole War"

What has the author Stefanie Takacs written?

Stefanie Takacs has written: 'The Iroquois' 'Iroquois (True Books: American Indians (Library))' 'The Seminole' -- subject(s): Indians of North America, Juvenile literature, Seminole Indians 'The Seminole'

What did the seminole Indians hunt?

The Seminole hunted elk deer buffalo and antelope

What type of shelter did the Seminole Indian have?

The Seminole Indians sheltered in straw huts.

What did Seminole Indians make their weapons with?

how did the Seminole indans make tools and weapons

Indian tribe whoses name means runaway?

Seminole Indians

How did the Seminole Indians travel?

The Seminoles Indians Traveled on canoes.

Did the Seminole Indians have any inventions?


Chief of the Seminole Indians?


What was the location of the Seminole Indians?


What was the Seminole Indians clothing?

Their clothing was.....

What celebrations did the Seminole Indians have?

i have no clue

Did the Seminole Indians wear headdresses?


Did the Seminole Indians have schools?

not sure

What is Seminole patch work?

It is an old squared antique quilt made by the Seminole Indians.

Are the Seminole Indians hunters and gatherers?

the seminole indans were hunters and the women grew crops

What houses did Seminole Indians live in?

The Erie Indians lived in wigwams