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What is the effect of a stock dividend on a corporation's stockholders'equity accounts?


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The stock Dividend is more or less profit sharing. When a dividend paying company is profitable they pass along those profits to the shareholders in the form of a dividend check.

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Cash dividend affects the cash and remaining items does not have any effect on cash like depreciation or accounts payable.

Dividend policies are concerned with the financial policies that have to do with how, when, and how much regarding paying cash dividend. Dividend policy theories explain the reasoning and arguments that relate to paying dividends by firms Dividend theories include the dividend irrelevance theory that indicates there is no effect on the capital structure of a company or its stock price from dividends.

Stock dividend changes the number of shares outstanding but it does not have any affect on amount of capital

Non payment of dividend is to be differentiated from non declaration of dividend. Some companies, even though in profits, prefer to retain the profit in the business than disbursing dividends. This in facts maximises the shareholders wealth, due to the effect of compounding. Otherwise, if non payment of dividend is due to absence of sufficient profits, then the shareholders wealth diminishes.

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